Top 10 Wallet Cases for Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge 2016 Reviews


The Galaxy S7 Wallet Cases In 2016

If you have a new phone and looking to protect its delicate surface from scratches and mechanical damage as you go about your everyday activities, several novel wallet cases are currently available in stores. Most are durable, made of high-grade PU leather, and have fun-to-use low-profile designs that protect smartphones well without compromising their functionality and or adding unnecessary bulk. If you are a first time buyer and are challenged by the diversity of products in this niche, here is a detailed review of the top 10 best models to purchase.

10. NuNu Modish

Perfect for encasing and protecting the Galaxy S7 smartphone, NuNu Modish is a premium black carbon fiber case with a stylish flip folio wallet design that both men and women like. It is durable, absorbs shock and impact well, and has a light and portable design that will never clutter your handbag and or weigh you down when traveling for long distances. For added protection, this case has an inner TPU case that secures your phone better. It also has accurate cutouts, three slots that you can use to keep your credit or debit card, ID, and business card, and an invisible magnetic closures that boosts safety further.

9. LK Flip Wallet

Sturdy, affordable, and with a striking purple theme that does not fade over time, this flip wallet by LK is a versatile Galaxy S7 case made of a luxurious PU leather. The material is soft, has a rugged and anti-slip finish that grips securely in the hand, and has convenient card slots for credit and debit cards, identification card, and business cards. It is also tear-proof, has well-finished flat seams that do not scratch phones, and has an integrated stand for orienting and stabilizing phones in landscape orientation when watching a movies. Cutouts are all accurate. Its flip up design eases answering and operation of phones, while its anti-dust design will serve you for years.

8. Lorem Wallet Case

By purchasing this wallet case by Lorem, you get a stylish S7 accessory with a durable and fashionable PU leather material that also protects smartphones well from scratches and dents. Courtesy of its flip design, installation and removal of phones is a breeze. Operation is also simple, while its reinforced back and edges offer superior impact and shock absorption when dropped. This way, when traveling with your phone, you do not have to worry about damaging it and or lowering its value over time. Lorem Wallet Case also has a foldable stand; credit card, business card, and ID storage slots, and a user-friendly design with accurate cutouts for dock connectors, side buttons, and camera and a flip cover that protects screens from damage

7. MOZE (with Stand Feature)

MOZE is a purple themed flip wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S7 with a folding stand feature that benefits individuals who like watching movies on their smartphones. It is light, has a well-finished design that offers all round coverage, and is made of a durable PU leather that is both soft and protective at the same time. The three card slots offered are perfect for storing and transporting credit cards and ID cards, while its light and non-bulky design is perfect for everyday travel and use in all environments (offices and schools, for instance). MOZE also has precise cutouts that offer full access to camera, headphone jacks, and smartphone user interfaces on demand and comes backed by a 100% lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

6. i-Blason Supcase

Purchase the Supcase by i-Blason to get a durable wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S7 with a striking black body. It is cheap, has a premium leather body that does not feel nor look cheap at all, and has a built-in kickstand that you can use to stabilize your phone when browsing the Internet or watching a movie. It also has a lined interior that does not scratch nor lower the physical or structural integrity of phone and a reinforced yet elegant design that will not only protect your phone, but also grant you space for your credit card, ID, and business cards. I-Blason offers a one-year warranty for Supcase Galaxy S7 case.

5. Abacus24-7 Wallet Series

This wallet series of the acclaimed Abacus24-7 line of phone cases is an innovative flip cover wallet case with a striking gold theme most individuals consider eye-catching. The stand that it comes is not only stable, but also folds conveniently out of sight when not in use. Its form-fitting design secures the S7 Samsung Galaxy smartphone well, while its built in card slots are large and perfect for storing debit and credit cards. Abacus24-7 Wallet Series is hand made using synthetic leather and has a dual layer design for optimal protection.

4. JD (with Wallet Stand)

Featured in most top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 wallet cases 2016 reviews, JD is a valuable accessory with a durable and heavy-duty design that absorbs shock and impact well to lower the risk of damage. It has a striking black and brown body that works well for students and professional alike. The synthetic PU leather used to manufacture it has an aesthetic and anti-slip body, while its built in stand is stable and is perfect for horizontal media view indoors or outdoors. You also received a convenient folio style wallet with three card slots for ID and credit cards, accurate cutouts, and a strong magnetic closure.

3. RooCASE Wallet Case

Featuring a lightweight and protective TPU shell and a flip case design made of quality PU leather, rooCASE is a valuable accessory with a folio stand, an executive black body, and high quality stitching that does not rip nor scratch smartphones over time. Its ultra-slim 2-in-1 design has a detachable inner case that works well with most other folio cases and a strong magnetic closure system for security. Its multi-functional body allows users to operate phone in both landscape and portrait orientations, while its integrated credit card slots and money pocket allow you to carry essentials conveniently. RooCASE is affordable and has a polished modern design that lasts long.

2. FYY S7 Gold

Portable, gold themed, and with a reinforced design that keeps phone safe and well protected in storage or in transit, FYY S7 Gold is a luxurious wallet case built for comfort and optimal protection. The PU leather used to make it is durable. Its all-in one design eases access to controls and ports, while the card slots offered eases transportation of ID cards and credit cards on the go. As several high-end models, FYY S7 Gold has a convenient kickstand function for video chatting and movie watching and an attractive non-slip body.

1. Spigen Wallet Case

Popular for the quality that it offers users, Spigen is a valuable brand that most individuals appreciate. If you are shopping for a wallet case for your Galaxy S7, for instance, this wallet case is our pick of the best. Even though cheap, it is durable, form fitting, and has a flip design that offers all-round protection indoors and outdoors. The synthetic leather used to make it is aesthetic, while its card slots boost its convenient. You also get a stand feature that offers users adjustable viewing angles.


The Wallet Cases for Galaxy S7 Edge In 2016

Even though under rated, wallet cases are essential personal accessories that benefit users in several ways. For those with delicate phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Edge, they have sock absorbent designs that prevent structural damage when dropped. They are also stylish, have plush-lined interior that lower the risk of scratches during installation and removal, and have many accessory pockets that you can use to store you identity card, credit and bankcards, and even money as you travel to school and or work. Even though several innovative models are available in stores, out pick of the 10 best include:

10. GCase (sense II)

If you have a treasured Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone and looking to protect it from damage (physical or mechanical) without spending a hefty amount of money, Sense II by GCase is a versatile leather wallet pouch that comes in handy. It is durable, has a unique Smart Lock feature that secures phones well, and has a classic black theme that students and business executives find appealing. Cutouts are not only accurate, but also ease operation of smartphones. Its reinforced front and back panels offer superior bump and scratch protection, while its integrated smart metal strip allows you to answer phone calls without opening the case. You also get accurate card pockets and a built in stand function that works excellently.

9. WAWO Wallet Case

Manufactured using a soft and durable PU leather and with a classic brown theme that does not fade over time, WAWO is a vintage-themed wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that remains among the most sought-after in 2016. It is affordable; has a striking two-toned design, and has built-in cash and card slots that boost its versatility. The magnetic closure system it comes with optimizes safety, while its embedded leather body is not only stylish, but also protective and slip resistant.

8. JD (Wallet Stand)

Featuring an aesthetic PU leather body and a rubberized TPU coating that guarantees superior shock absorption, JD is a versatile Galaxy S7 Edge case with an integrated wallet stand that benefits movie lovers. It has a striking black and brown theme, a classic folio style design with a snap on system for optimal safety, and comes with three accurate card slots that you can use to carry credit cards, cash, and even your ID card. Button, speaker, ports, and camera cutouts are precise while its slim design is portable and has an anti-slip coat.

7. LK Wallet Case

If phone safety is of concern and you do not want to install the traditional solid cases of screen protectors people have used over the years, this wallet case by LK is a worthy alternative for several reasons. Its wallet-styled design, for instance, is durable, super protective, and has slots for storing business cards, credit cards, and ID cards. The PU leather used to make it feels comfortable in the hand, while its reinforced back and front panels absorb impact well to lower the risk of mechanical and structural damage. Cutouts are precise. Its tear-proof and dust resistant constructs adds a layer of protection, while its slip resistant design is perfect for everyday usage.

6. GALAXY WIRELESS (with Kickstand)

Talking about the Top 10 Wallet Cases for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2016 Reviews, GALAXY WIRELESS is a kickstand-enabled Galaxy S7 Edge wallet case with a compact and low profile design that eliminates the unnecessary bulk found on some comparable models. It is durable, has credit card and ID slots, and has a comfortable PU leather body that you will enjoy carrying to work and or school. GALAXY WIRELESS is cheap, has a reinforced back that absorbs impact well, and has precise cutouts for speaker, ports, camera, and controls.

5. i-Blason Wallet Case

Light, durable, and manufactured using a soft PU leather that does not tear nor lose its structural integrity over time, this wallet case by i-Blason is a well-made Galaxy S7 Edge case with several interesting features. The integrated kickstand, for instance, is stable and stores neatly when not in use. The ID and credit card slots offered are accurate, while its lined interior does not scratch, stain, nor lower the value of phones during installation and removal. You also get a comfortable and well-finished case that you will feel confident to use at work or school and an integrated flap that protects the screen.

4. Arae (with Wrist Strap)

Specially designed for the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone, Arae is a form fitting rose gold-themed case with an integrated wrist strap for added safety. It is light, non-slip, and has ID and card slots that boost its convenience. Its precise cutouts ease access to your phone’s camera, speaker, and buttons, while its slim profile design not only fits comfortably in the hand, but also has a reinforced back that offers superior shock absorption. Even with it, therefore, you will be able to charge your phone and operate it hassle free when browsing the Web, shooting photographs, and or watching a movie during your free time.

3. FYY (Luxury Gold)

By choosing FYY, you get a luxury gold Galaxy S7 Edge case made of a premium PU leather. It is super protective, durable, and has an all-powerful design with precise cutouts, debit card, ID, and credit card slots, and a convenient kickstand that comes in handy when video chatting or movie watching. It is also stylish, environmentally friendly, and lasts for years.

2. E LV (Case cum Purse)

Liked globally E LV is a top grade case cum purse with a light and durable design and a convenient flip design with a striking purple theme. Cutouts are precise. The essential cards and ID slots offered are convenient, while its zippered design keeps phones and other belongings safe. With this PU leather purse case, you will keep your phone safe and scratch free on the go.

1. Verus Wallet

Durable, brown themed, and with durable dual layered VRS design that offers superior shock absorption, Verus Wallet case of Galaxy S7 Edge tops our list of the best. Its convenient flip design offers full degree protection in all environments. The TPU lip that it comes with protects screens from scratches and dents, while its snug fitting design emphasizes phone thinness without compromising security. Buyers also get accurate cutouts, three card slots, and a quick fastening magnetic clip that keeps phones and other valuable safe.