Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Protectors 2016 Reviews

As most phones in the market, the Galaxy S7 Edge by Samsung is a touch based smart device with a delicate screen that is prone to scratching and or cracking. Fortunately, with the development of screen protectors, this is no longer a challenge, particularly to those that depend on their phones for work and entertainment. They are durable, shock and scratch-resistant, and have clear and well-finished designs that do not impair functionality of sensors or the sensitivity of screens. They are also affordable, very easy to install, and do not leave residues or lower the integrity of phones in any way. To get value for money, our picks of the 10 best protectors to buy are:

10. Skinomi TechSkin

TechSkin by Skinomi is a HD-ready screen protector for the Galaxy S7 Edge with a thin and durable design that covers the entire screen of phones for optimal protection. Military-grade thermoplastic urethane material used to manufacture it has an invisible and high definition design that does not lower the aesthetic value of phones. It also flexes for easier installation, has an anti-bubble crystal shield that improves performance further, and a tough and self-healing finish that also prevents fingerprint smudges over time. Skinomi TechSkin is affordable; puncture, scratch, and UV resistant; and comes backed by a lifetime replacement manufacturer’s warranty.

9. JARATECH 3D Curved

A well-designed skin protector for use with the Galaxy S7 Edge and most other 5.5-inch smartphones, JARATECH is an aesthetic accessory that offers superior skin protection against scratched, dents, and even cracks. It is easy to install; has a curved design that binds perfectly in screens, and has a HD clear design that improves visibility when browsing or watching movies. It is also smudge resistant, has a thin virtually invisible design that promotes natural phone operation, and has well-placed cutouts that do not block front-facing cameras and or lower the experience of users, As most high-end models, JARATECH 3D Curved has a lifetime warranty.

8. IQ Shield Matte

Have you ordered a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge online or from your local establishment? Are you on the market for a new screen protector that will protect its delicate screen from scratches and damage in general? If you have a few dollars to spend and choose IQ Shield Matte, you get a durable full coverage Galaxy S7 Edge screen protector made of a scratch and UV-resistant HD film that works well. Installation is simple. The anti-glare and anti-fingerprint technologies buyers get work perfectly, while its full body design offers better coverage to protect smartphones screens well against both physical and environmental threats. You also get anti-bubble coating that eases installation and a manufacturer’s lifetime replacement warranty

7. SOOTO Anti-Glare

Recommended for use both indoors and outdoors, SOOTO is an anti-glare Galaxy S7 Edge screen protector with an anti-bubble full screen covering design that does not impair smartphone functionality in any way. It is HD-clear, durable, and is made of a flexible PEF film that does not require skill to install. Its scratch and crack proof design is professional-grade, while its self-healing and error proof design is versatile and comes backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.

6. RinoGear Front and Back

Designed to protect both the front and back of the Galaxy S7 Edge smart phone, RinoGear is a versatile curved edged accessory that offers all-round protection. It is durable; has anti-bubble, anti-fingerprint, and anti-scratch properties that boost its functionality, and has a HD quality invisible body that does not impair the natural operation of phones. Even with it on, for instance, you will be able to browse and operate your phone as usual. You will also be able to watch videos in high resolution, shoot photographs, and use your favorite applications without screen sensitivity issues. This screen protector is military grade and qualifies for lifetime replacements.

5. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield

If you are looking to protect your smartphone and choose the MilitaryShield by Armor Suite, you get a matte full screen protector with an anti-bubble shield that guarantees an easy and smooth installation on the Galaxy S7 Edge. It is anti-glare, anti-scratch, and has an anti-fingerprinting coating that prevents unsightly smudges owners of smartphones often grapple with. Its exceptionally smooth and glass-like finish that not impair sensitivity of smartphones, while its self-healing design prevents yellowing whenever you expose it to UV rays. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield has a lifetime warranty, a flexible squeegee for easing cleaning.

4. KingAcc

Rated to 4-H Hardness, KingAcc is a top-grade 3D-ready Galaxy S7 Edge screen protector with a convenient curved-edge design that installs flush when in use. It is bubble-free, has an anti-scratch and shockproof finish, and is attainable as a pack of one high quality accessory that will serve you well for long. It is also affordable, has a HD-clear and virtually invisible design that guarantees natural smartphone use, and has a ultra-slim design with a static cling system that eliminates the need for fluids. Clarity is at 99%, while its ability to resist scrapes, dust, and smudges and the one-year manufacturer’s return warranty offered by its manufacturer is innovative.

3. Peyou Ultra HD

Recommended for use with the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone, this Ultra HD screen protector by Peyou is a curved full-screen accessory with a durable film construction and novel technologies including an anti-bubble coating, a scratch-resistant design, and an invisible ultra HD finish you will enjoy using. Installation is straightforward. Its curved edge design offers edge-to-edge screen coverage, while its ultra-slim (0.05mm) PET body has a True Touch feel, which eases phone operation. Although Peyou is not tempered glass, is has a smooth scratch-resistant coating that boosts phone aesthetics.

2. iVoler Ultra Clear

iVoler is a package of two ultra-clear screen protectors for the Galaxy S7 Edge made of a premium PET film. It is durable, offers full coverage, and has a scratch resistant finish that boosts phone aesthetics and functionality of screens. It is also thin, has an ultra-clear non-bubble design, and has a flexible, self-healing, and military-grade design that absorbs shock and impact well. It is also UV-resistant, error proof, and has a limited warranty.

1. Taken

Top on our list, this screen protector by Taken is a high definition (HD) tempered glass accessory with an aesthetic black theme that improves the value of the Galaxy S7. If screen protection is a challenge, this accessory is drop, bump, scrape, and scratch resistant. The 100% full coverage offered is impressive, while its anti-fingerprint technology protects against sweat and oil residues. Its thick design (0.2mm) is durable and highly protective, while its curved design fits snug for optimal protection. You get a full 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime replacement warranty for defects.