Top 10 Best Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Wireless Chargers 2016 Reviews

Since the release of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the only smart devices that have rivaled their functionality and style are the myriad of wireless chargers currently in the market. Unlike traditional pin-based phone chargers, they are portable and have intelligent technologies that have improved how people charge their smartphones. They are also durable, work better than wall-plugging chargers, and do not require skill to use.If you have an issue choosing from among the tens of available models, our picks of the 10 best include:

10. V-CEN Wireless Charger

Perfect for charging Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and a plethora of other iOS and Android smartphones, V-CEN is a versatile wireless charger consisting of a stable charging pad and a well-wired electrical system that works fast without damaging phones. Its plug and use design is convenient and features a bright LED on feature that changes color when your phone is charging and when it is full. Its ultra-thin (0.28-inch) design does not clutter space when in use or storage during transportation, while its ultra-protected design (over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature) does not compromise safety of phone in any way.

9. FLECK 3 Coil

A popular three-coil charger among smart phone enthusiasts worldwide, FLECK is a one of a kind accessory with a light and easy to use design that charges both the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge efficiently. The premium wireless technology on offer works fast. Its integrated charging stand stabilizes phones well, while its integrated positioning technology allows you to charge your phone in both landscape and portrait orientations. This is invaluable, particularly to individuals that like to chat and or watching videos as their phones charge. FLECK 3 Coil has a wireless charging dock, and is attainable cheap in stores.

8. Zoer Wireless Charger

If you are tired of the standard wall charger that come with your new smartphone, Zoer Wireless is a perfect replacement charger that you will never regret purchasing. It is affordable, has a convenient stand pad design that fits and charges many types of smartphones (including Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge smart phones), and lasts long. Its black body is aesthetic. The Qi-compliant wireless receiver that it comes with works fast and effectively, while its transparent design is aesthetic and blends well in household and commercial environments. You also get light indicators that tell you when your phone is charging and full and a durable non-slip shell for added safety.

7. Itian Wireless Charger

By choosing this wireless charger by Itian, you get a unique three-coil accessory with a state of the art cradle design that eases phone charging. Instead of struggling with tiny pins and wall outlets whenever you smartphone is low on charge, all you have to do is drop your Galaxy S7 of Galaxy S7 Edge in its cradle and let it do the legwork for you. It also has bright LED indicators that you can use to monitor progress, a safe wireless system that does not overheat phones in charge or in stand by modes, and has a one-year Itian warranty.

6. Soaiy SYWP-01

As most models listed herein, Soaiy SYWP-01 is a professional grade Qi wireless charger with a stylish white theme that most users find eye-catching. Its aesthetics aside, this charger has also featured in top 10 best Galaxy S7/S7 Edge wireless chargers 2016 reviews because of its functionality. Compared to most mini-USB models, it not only works fast and efficiently (<72%) but also has a versatile design that you can use to charge many types of smartphones. It also has blue LED light indicators that reflect its status, a long transmission distance, and three protection systems (over loading, over-voltage, and overheating) that protect phones when charging.

5. TechMatte PowerPod 2

This second version of the liked TechMatte PowerPod line of wireless chargers is a convenient charging pad for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones and a plethora of other Android and iOS smartphones. It is affordable; Qi wireless enabled, and has a fast and convenient design that offers an enjoyable charging experience in homes and or offices. Even though cutting edge, it is simple to use design eliminates the need for cables and or wires that often clutter living and office spaces. It is also durable and weighs a paltry 1.85 ounces.

4. Nekteck Wireless Charger

Since its release in 2013, Nekteck remains sought-after among the best of wireless chargers in the market, with its efficient and fast technology attracting positive attention among many Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge phones. It is also durable, has an aesthetic black body that does not fade over time, and has a Qi-enabled adapter and cover that do not compromise the safety and or functionality of phones when charging. With an original model, you also get a Smart IC energy management system that maximizes power output, a compact and easy to use pad, and a blue light indicator that reflects charge status.

3. PLESON Qi Wireless Pad

Compact, portable, and with a safe Qi-compatible wireless system that recharges Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and many other Qi-enabled phones, PLESON is a budget charger that works well. It is durable, has an intelligent and power efficient design that charges fast and safely, and has a stylish slim profile with rounded edges that improve its elegance. As most models, the solid ABS plastic used to manufacture it has a non-slip finish for safety. Its portable design works well in schools, homes, offices, and even hotels, while its three-prong safety features (short circuit, under voltage, and over voltage) improve its functionality and safety rating further. You get a full money back guarantees and a replacement warranty for it.

2. Pleson Wireless Charger

Instead of purchasing the cheap chargers in the market that often compromise the safety of phones, buying this tried and tested wireless one by Pleson is one of the best decisions you can make. It works great with several Qi-enabled smartphones including the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. It is also durable, has a powerful wireless technology that does not overheat nor lower the safety of phones, and has a durable design with elegantly finished round edges and a non-slip coating for added safety. You also get LED indicators, stable charging, and warranties (60-day 100% money back and a manufacturer’s replacement).

1. Yootech Wireless Charger

Purchase this wireless charger by Yootech to get a durable Qi-compliant accessory for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. It is durable, has a convenient USB interface, and has a sensitive and fully automated system that starts charging the moment you connect a compatible smartphone. It is also portable and has a single coil design that never compromises phone safety.