Top 8 Best Onion Choppers 2017 Reviews

Chopping onions is a challenging feat that most people grapple with on a daily basis. The eye stinging effluent and risk of knife cuts is among many issues that most grapples with, often with negative results. If you are among those grappling with the foregoing and other challenges but want to enjoy your onion-flavored dishes on a regular basis, one of the most vital accessories that you should consider owning is an onion chopper. It is easy to use, chops onions fast, and produces decent-sized bits that you can use for cooking or in salads. For best results, the eight best choppers to purchase in 2015 include:

8. Chef’n VeggiChop Vegetable Chopper

Starting our review, Chef’n VeggiChop is a well-designed arugula-themed vegetable chopper that also chops boneless meat, herbs, nuts, fruits, and even rice. It is durable, has an easy to use handheld design, and an efficient manual system that does not require electricity to work. Chef’n VeggiChop has a patented blade mechanism that works fast and efficiently. It is cheap, professional-grade, and has a dishwasher-safe and BPA-free blade and bowl.

7. Kuuk Mini Pull Chopper Food Processor

Sought-after by professional and novice chefs worldwide, Kuuk Mini Pull chopper is an advanced food processor recommended for chopping fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices such as garlic and onions. It is affordable, durable, and has a manual yet easy to use pull system that chops ingredients 16 times with a single motion. All components and materials use to make this one of a kind chopper are food grade. It is compact, portable, and travel-worth; ideal of making several types of dressings: and has a dishwasher safe storage bowl with a lid that you can use to store ingredients in refrigerators. You do not need electricity or a set of AA batteries to use this processor.

6. Prepworks by Progressive Dice and Slice Chopper

Prepworks is a multi-colored slice and dice chopper with an advanced and interchangeable three-blade system that works fast and efficiently. It is durable, very easy to use and clean, and comes with a large phthalate and BPA-free storage container that you can use to store ingredients after chopping or dicing. This chopper and dicer is dishwasher safe. It is affordable, has a well-built non-skid base, and a universal system that you can use to slice raw ingredients such as mushrooms and strawberries and cooked ones such as eggs.

5. Vegetable’s Chef Chopper

Specially designed for chopping or dicing onions, fruits, and vegetables, Vegetable’s Chef is a restaurant-grade chopper, well-designed using high-grade components. It is functional, does not require a lot of skill to use well, and has a safe and high-performance design that will never harm nor injure you in any way. In addition to this chopper, you get a detailed recipe eBook to get you started on healthy and better cooking. You also a well-designed peeler, a digital cookbook, and a 100% hassle-free money back guarantee.

4. Freshware KT-402 3-in-1 Onion Chopper

A favored product in top 8 best onion choppers 2015 reviews, Freshware KT-402 is a multi-functional three in one onion chopper that doubles a cheese cutter, fruit slicer, and vegetable slicer. It is durable, chops, cut, or dice with a single swift motion, and has a unique 500ml storage container that contains onion vapors well to prevent irritation. As most accessories reviewed here in, Freshware KT-402 is affordable. It is BPA-free, has interchangeable blades made of stainless steel, and has a dishwasher-safe design that offers value.

3. Prepworks by Progressive Onion Chopper

Prepworks by Progressive is a green-themed premium-grade onion chopper with a simple and easy to use design that chops ingredients with one swift motion. It is durable, made of a contaminant-free and food-safe reinforced plastic, and has a sharp stainless steel blade that slices onions fast and efficiently, while minimizing release of irritant onion vapors. It is also cheap, has an easy-to-clean and dishwasher-safe design, and a 2-cup capacity bowl.

2. Brieftons Manual Food Chopper

Brieftons is a compact yet powerful manual food chopper with an easy to use handheld design. It is premium-grade, recommended for blending, chopping, and mincing a plethora of ingredients including onions, and has a large three cup size, recommended for heavy duty chopping. This machine is affordable. It is also durable, food-grade, and offers superior value to users on a budget. You will never regret ordering an original model from a reputable Web store.

1. Vidalia Chop Wizard

A sought-after kitchen accessory worldwide, Vidalia Chop Wizard is our pick of the best onion chopper in the market. It is fast, durable, and has a novel and easy to use system that dices and chops fruits, vegetables, and cheese in one swift motion. This machine has two durable insert disks. It also has a large catch container that doubles as a measuring cup, and a dishwasher safe build.