Top 8 Best Bread Slicer Knives 2017 Reviews

Which is the best bread slicer in the market in 2015? If you enjoy eating bread for breakfast or as a snack and looking for a knife for creating perfect slices every time, keep the following desirable attributes in mind before reaching for your wallet. 1) Blade design – with the advent of technology, several types of blades are currently available in the market, each helpful in a way or another. The best bread slicer, however, should have a durable and serrate blade built for slicing, 2) Design – bread slicers are handheld accessories. A good model, therefore, should be ergonomic, light and easy to use. The 8 best slicers that meet this threshold are:

8. Fixwell Bread Slicer 3-pack

Starting our review, Fixwell is a pack of three well-made bread-slicing knives made of seven-inch stainless steel. Each slicing knife is durable, corrosion and rust resistant, and has an ultra-sharp serrated edge that slices through bread like butter. They are also affordable, light and very easy to maneuver, and have ergonomic and aesthetic ivory handles fit securely in the hand whilst in use. Apart from slicing bread, you can also use then to slice fresh tomatoes.

7. Winco KWH-10 Wavy Edge Curved Bread Slicer

A sought-after kitchen accessory by homeowners worldwide, Winco KWH-10 is an aesthetic, high-performance bread slicer with an innovative curved blade design ideal for slicing several types of bread. It is durable, sturdy, and made of food-grade components that offer value. It measures 9.5-inches long, has an NSF-listed design and build, and is among the most trusted brands in homes and commercial establishments such as restaurants for its reliability. Even though feature-rich, Winco KWH-10 Wavy Edge is affordable and safe for everyday use. You will never regret ordering or purchasing an original one from a good store.

6. Mountain Woods Oak Adjustable Fiddle Bow Bread Knife

Designed for right-handed novice and professional chefs, this fiddle bow bread knife is an adjustable and easy to use bread slicer, with an aesthetic oak wood finish. It is professional-grade, cuts uniform slices of bread with minimal effort, and has an adjustable design that you can customize to match your preferred bread thickness. The double-ground stainless steel blade fitted on this knife is durable. It is food grade, recommended for slicing fruits and vegetables, and does not rust, corrode, dull, and or lose its shape after two or more washes.

5. Fat Daddio’s 14-Inch Cake Slicer / Bread Knife

Fat Daddio’s is a well-built bread and cake slicer with a durable 14-inch serrated blade. It is light, portable, and has an efficient and easy-to-use design that will serve you well for long. Its gripped handles are comfortable, while its novel, food-grade build makes it an ideal accessory for home and commercial use. For those with a tight budget, but want a functional knife that offers value for years, Fat Daddio’s is attainable cheap in many stores. It is very easy to maintain using soap and water and lacks grooves that can trap bacteria.

4. Update International KP-05 Offset Bread Knife

Favored in top 8 best bread slicer knives 2015 reviews, Update International KP-05 is a premium-grade offset bread knife, fitted with as large 9-inch German steel blade. Its skillfully honed offset design has an ever-sharp edge that delivers an optimal cutting experience every time. Its NSF-listed design and build is innovative, while its ease of use and comfortable gripped handle makes it an ideal model for everyday use. With an original model, you will be able to slice bread and other ingredients efficiently, whilst lowering the risk of injury.

3. Bandoboy 2-1/2-inch Cake Slicer / Bread Knife

Measuring 2.5-inches, Bandoboy is a compact yet high-performance bread and cake slicer ideal for regular travel. It is sharp, made of high-grade stainless steel, and has a light and easy-to-maneuver design that makes quick work of all cutting and slicing jobs. It is professional quality, has a serrated edge that prevents crushing and pulling, and has a sealed and easy-to-clean handle.

2. ORBLUE Stainless Steel Serrated Bread Slicer Knife

A best seller in stores, ORBLUE is a serrated stainless steel bread slicer with an ultra-sharp edge that grips and cuts bread without tearing, It is eight inches long, rust and corrosion-resistant, and has a friction-less 0.1 mm thick build that creates uniform slices no matter the consistency of the bread you are slicing. Apart from slicing bread, this one-piece knife is idea for slicing pastries, cakes, and fruits such as tomatoes and pineapples. It is also safe and easy to clean.

1. Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition Bread/Slicing Knife

As per our review, this Walnut Tradition bread and slicing knife by Chicago Cutlery is currently the best in this niche. It is 10-inches long, serrated, and made of a 420 high carbon stainless steel that resists stains, rust, and breaking. Its taper-ground edge is sharp. It is also easy to re sharpen and cuts efficiently without tearing bread or creating uneven slices. You also get a hand washable and contoured solid walnut handle and a limited lifetime warranty.