Top 10 USB 3 Cables and how to spot fake USB 3 Cables

What you need to know about USB 3 Cables

There are two types of USB 3 cables you need to know about: Type A and Type B. Type A is the flat rectangular interface you know well. Type B is a more square, boxy shape. Why are there two? USB is more like a network, and you can have clients and servers. You don’t connect servers to servers. They have to go one way or another, but not both ways. You can actually cause a short!

Your computer is often the host. It’d be a Type A.

USB type B is often used to control peripherals.


What is USB 3?

USB has been around since 1994. USB 3 is the latest standard and introduces SuperSpeed USB (SS) . The data transfer rate should be  5 Gbit/s (625 MB/s). Typically the SS ports are blue. Watch for them. USB 3 Cables also can add a duplex mode; a cable can transmit and receive simultaneously.
Be forewarned, however. Not all cables are created equal. There are fake cables out there.

Which USB 3 Cables to Buy?

Like many of the cables on our list, this is perfect if you have a Smartphone or an external hard drive with USB connectivity. Since these type of USB cables are perfect for hooking up to your PC and charging, you can simply connect the blue colored, standard USB connect into your PC and receive transfer rates of about 4.8 Gbps. This speed is so fast that you’ll be able to transfer a full length movie at HD quality in about three seconds or less. Each cable is gold-plated, so you won’t have to worry about corrosion; even in moist environments. The cable is about three feet long, so you’ll have to be fairly close, but it’ll be worth it at such high speeds.

The second product on our review list actually comes in a two pack. Also, this cable shines in areas where many cables tend to fail. Firstly, the cable uses gold connectors; this corrosion-proof material will save you money on replacements since ambient moisture levels can ruin steel connectors. Secondly, internal copper conductors and foil and braid shielding inside the wire ensure that you’ll be able to transfer files without problems during the connection. Similarly to our previous cable, this USB 3.0 comes in a three foot length.

This product is a great choice if you need a USB Micro-B cable with a decent amount of cable length. With this product, you’ll have nine feet to work with; a great amount considering that many cables of this type are three feet. This additional length is perfect for those who want to do video editing because you’ll get fast transfer rates of 4.8 Gbps and also a lot of the maneuverability you need when swapping out external hard drives.

If you need more length from computer to device but only have a three foot cable to work with, this product will perfectly fit your needs. Firstly, it’s a little different from our other devices in that it has a male to female connection. This allows this cable to serve as an extension cable; effectively adding an additional 6.5 feet to whatever length of cable you already have. It features gold ports, shielding so that there is less signal loss, and 4.8 Gbps speeds.

This is a perfect mid-range cable that grants the standard USB 3.0 transfer speeds and power output, but at six feet rather than nine or three. The gold plated USB 3.0 connectors are perfect for managing your phone, your printer, or your external hard drive; as a matter of fact, these cables have some of the best data protection features available at this price range. Each of the internal cables are shielded, so that interference won’t degrade the signal strength.

Micro USB Type-C is the latest in USB technology. Many computer companies, including the one we all know from Cupertino are utilizing the technology for several purposes. This device is absolutely perfect for powering your current generation Smartphone as well as syncing your valuable data. Since Type-C can conduct large voltages, this product is perfect for powering any of the current generation of laptops. In addition to all this, this cable is still capable of generating excellent data transfer rates; you’ll be able to transfer at speeds of up to five gigabytes per second.

This is another Micro-B type USB connector. The main difference is, this one is very stylish and includes a braided nylon cable that not only looks great, but will keep the cables internals from developing shorts, by keeping them tangle free. In addition to all this, this cable is capable of five gigabyte per second transfers and also has the option to be purchased in a three pack.

This product is perfect for those who like to video edit. Firstly, when you are doing this type of editing, you find yourself constantly pulling information off of various hard drives. These hard drives are typically external, but with sometimes you’ll be using internal drives to transfer your footage. This cable is designed for those needs and you can easily connect to a SATA-based drive for quick USB 3.0 transfers.

Our final cable is another great USB cable that will let you charge your devices easily. Firstly, it’s braided, so those days of tangled cabling will be thankfully over. Secondly, this cable comes in five unique colors and comes in a three pack of six foot long cables, so that you’ll be able to connect multiple devices.