Top 24 Most Seductive Perfumes for Men Reviews 2017

Seductive perfumes for men are invaluable accessories, particularly for those who like looking their level best when out on dates or undertaking their day-to-day activities. Many reputable brands sell on the Internet. However, for best results, here are the top 24 most seductive perfumes you should buy in 2017:

Spiderman Cologne

Admit it. You’re thinking of buying this right now. Anyone can try to look like Spider Man but have you ever thought about what it would take to smell like Peter Parker? To become a thing is to truly smell like a thing.

24. Krizia Time

Blended and marketed by the acclaimed Krizia design house, Krizia Time is a premium and sweet smelling 3.3-ounce Eau De Toilette (EDT) spray for men with top notes of mandarin. A recommended day and nightwear, this spray is masculine, long lasting, and has a smooth and well-blended formula that works well on all skin and body types. Whether you have strong body odor and or looking for a seductive perfume that can turn heads at your workplace and or school, Krizia Time will never let you down. It is non-irritant, non-staining, and retails for a few dollars in reputable internet-based stores such as Amazon.

23. Carolina Herrera

Are you tired of the cheap-smelling and irritant perfume that you received as a gift for your birthday? If you have saved cash to spend on a new bottle and want a quality and seductive one that you can wear to parties and date nights, Carolina Herrera is an affordable EDT spray that does not smell cheap. Enriched with fragrant notes of mandarin and bergamot, it has a cool and somewhat refreshing masculine scent that does not over-bear wears and people in their vicinity. The 3.4-ounce bottle offered is large, while its non-irritant and long-lasting formula is perfect for grooming. You also get aromatic vanilla and sandalwood base notes and middle notes of cardamom and gardenia.

22. Hugo Boss

Attainable in a large 6.7-ounce bottle, Hugo Boss is a fragrant EDT spray for men with a collectible black-themed bottle most individuals find eye-catching. Introduced in 2010, this spray has remained among the most sought after casual and work scents by men of all cadres because of the quality of the product on offer. The lavender birch leaves and African violet notes that it comes with, for instance, are fragrant and stay active on the skin and clothes for long per application. This recommended evening EDT spray also has woody notes of lauro amarello, has a non-staining formula, and is decently priced in most stores.

21. Guess Seductive

A best seller of all time, Guess is home to celebrity-endorsed perfumes with this 3.4-ounce seductive spray ranking among the best of the best. It is EDT, blended for men, and has a sweet smelling and long lasting scent with fragrant notes of pink pepper, sandalwood, musk, patchouli, and cardamom milk. It is also affordable; a recommended casual wear for men shopping for charming yet masculine colognes, and retails is a stylish bottle with a convenient nozzle that lowers wastage. A small amount will keep you smelling fresh for up to 10 hours.

20. Yves Saint Laurent L’homme

Has strong body odor dampened your self-confidence and affected your productivity at work? Yves Saint Laurent L’homme for men is a recommended day wear eau du toilette spray with a sensual and luxury woody fragrance. Its bergamot, Vetiver, and ginger notes are super refreshing. Its non-staining and non-irritant formula is novel, while its affordability and efficiency benefits individuals that want to smell like a million dollars without spending a similar amount. Yves Saint Laurent L’homme is attainable in a 3.3-ounce spray bottle.

19. Loris Azzaro Men’s Chrome

Attainable in a large 6.8 fluid ounce container, Loris Azzaro Chrome is a sweet smelling natural eau de toilette spray for men introduced in the market in 1996. It is affordable, contains fragrant notes of tangy and crisp citrus, and is one of the most recommended casual wear for people with dry, wet, or sensitive skin. This spray is efficient. Unlike some poorly blended brands that require frequent application to stay active, it stays active for long per application, keeping users fresh and rejuvenated. It is also no staining, generates a fine mist that maximizes efficiency, and lacks chemical fillers.

18. Perry Ellis 360 Red

A recommended daytime wear for men, Perry Ellis 360 Red is a well-blended EDT spray, attainable in a large 3.4-ounce bottle. It has refreshing citrus notes. It also has fragrant musk and wood base notes and a non-staining and non-irritant formula that works well on all body chemistries. Whether you have dry or wet skin and want and a refreshing body spray for everyday use, Perry Ellis 360 Red will never disappoint you. It is affordable and stays active on clothing for long.

17. Paco Rabanne 1 Million

A sought after product worldwide, Paco Rabanne 1 Million is high-grade eau de toilette spray for men with a unique woodsy and floral fragrance that most users find invaluable. Even though expensive than most brands reviewed here in, this spray is worth buying. It features fragrant notes of cinnamon, rose, and grapefruit. It also has spicy notes of blood orange, patchouli, amber, and blond leather, and a well-blended non-staining formula that stays active for long. This spray is attainable in collectible 3.4-ounce gold ingot bottles.

16. Kenneth Cole Black

Black by Kenneth Cole is a 3.4-ounce EDT spray with a fruity and fresh formula with both spicy and woodsy notes. It is sweet smelling, affordable, and a recommended day wear spray that has remained sought-after in stores since its introduction in 2003. As most high-end colognes and perfumes in the market, Black is non-staining. It is also non-irritant, efficient, and stays active for approximately 4-8 hours. With it, you will get many complements on-route to work and school.

15. Thallium Yves De Sistelle

By choosing Thallium Yves De Sistelle, you get a well-blended 3.3-ounce EDT spray for men that offers value. This recommended day wear neutralizes bad odor well without staining clothes. It all natural formula in non-irritant, while its affordability makes it an ideal everyday spray. Thallium Yves De Sistelle has a sensuous base and fresh notes that work in synergy to induce an elegant alchemy that most users find invaluable. It also has crisp apple and jasmine flower notes that emphasize its opulence and warm patchouli and cedar wood notes with a characteristic sweet and musky aura.

14. Versace Man Eau Fraiche

Best-known in the fashion industry, Gianni Versace is also a dominant player in the perfume industry with Versace Man Eau Fraiche ranking among the most recommended products in top 24 most seductive perfumes for men reviews 2016. It is affordable, has sweet smelling notes of carambola, cedar leaves, amber, musk, tarragon, sage, and sycamore, and is attainable in a large 3.4-ounce bottle that lasts long. It is non-irritant, non-staining, and a renowned crowd pleaser.

13. Davidoff Cool Water

Attainable in large 4.2-ounce containers, Davidoff Cool Water for men is an efficient and highly seductive EDT spray for men, that has served individuals well for over 26 years now. It is a recommended day wear, contains fragrance notes of jasmine, lavender, oakmoss, sandalwood, and musk, and lacks chemical fillers that often irritate the skin and or stain clothes. Buy an original for the best experience.

12. Acqua Di Gio

A top-rated product in the seductive perfume niche, Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani is a globally acclaimed EDT spray for men that has remained one of the most sought-after since its release in 1996. This recommended day wear has sweet notes of jasmine, orange, neroli, bergamot, and lemon. It is sweet smelling, retails in 100ml bottles, and has a safe, chemical-free, and well-blended formula.

11. Nautica Voyage

Are you shopping for a seductive perfume that offers mutual value and increases visibility at work and social events such as parties? Nautica Voyage is our pick of the best in 2016. It weighs 3.4 ounces, has a fresh aquatic scent that works perfect during the day and night, and stays active for long per application. With it, you will have a positive aura and attract tons of positive complements as a result.

10. Guess Seductive Eau De Toilette Spray

Guess Seductive Eau de toilette spray is a 100% authentic 3.4-ounce eau de toilette spray for men. Its exotic floral fragrance is appealing and stays active for long. Its well-designed trigger is efficient. It cost effectiveness and relative ease of usage makes it a good everyday brand. You will not regret buying it.

9. 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera Eau De Toilette Spray

In the perfumes niche, Carolina Herrera is a reputable house with many world acclaimed products in its arsenal. Sexy 212, for instance, is a well-blended 100% authentic eau du de toilette spray for men with bergamont and mandarin top notes. This 3.3-ounce spray also has gardenia and cardamom (middle notes) and vanilla and sandalwood (base notes) that make it a great casual and evening perfume. It lacks harsh additives and or irritant ingredients.

8. Mont Blanc Exceptionnel EDT Spray for Men

Mont Blanc Exceptionnel is a seductive perfume for men made of aromatic lavender and blended fresh mandarin wafts. It also has the gourmand aroma of coffee, ginger, mint, and sage notes that releases a sensual and seductive scent when applied on the body. Mont Blanc Exceptionnel is cost effective. It is safe for regular use and lacks additives/ natural colors that can stain clothes.

7. Guess Seductive Homme Blue Men Spray Cologne

Guess by Haeven Center is a valuable perfume that is worth buying. Now available in a brand new box, this spray cologne’s fragrance is fresh and powerful without being overbearing. Its 3.4-ounce container is large, affordable, and has a fine nozzle that optimizes dispensation, while maximizing efficiency.

6. Calvin Klein OBSESSION

Do you have an attractive workmate that keeps ignoring you because of your wanting charisma? Calvin Klein OBSESSION has a provocative, intense, and unforgettable spicy and oriental scent that will attract you numerous complements at work and social spots. Blended using rare woods and botanics, top notes of mandarin and bergamot, and middle notes of lavender and myrrh, this EDT spray for men has an original and uncommon scent liked by most women. It also has spicy and sensual base notes of sandalwood, musk, and patchouli that induce the masculine aura that most men appreciate, and has a skin-safe and non-staining formula.

5. Pitbull EDT Men’s Perfume

If you like seductive perfumes and have experimented with many high-end brands unsuccessfully, you will never regret buying this seductive EDT Men’s perfume by Pitbull. Its sun drenched citrus top notes (sage, cardamom, and bergamot) are invigorating. Its woody mid notes is masculine, while its base sultry vetiver notes release an inspirational yet seductive aura when worn. This perfume is cost effective and keeps the body smelling fresh for several hours.

4. Guess Seductive Homme EDT Spray for Men

Guess for men is a 100% authentic seductive cologne for men. It weighs 3.4-ounces; has a mild and appealing fragrance; and made of natural skin-safe ingredients using quality production guidelines. Finally, it is cost effective, has a durable and aesthetic packing, and is suitable for day and night usage.

3. Givenchy Pi Cologne for Men (3.4-ounces) Eau De Toilette Spray

For those who are looking for a seductive perfume and spend money on this Pi men’s cologne by Givenchy, you get a quality eau de toilette spray with a sweet citrus scent. The fragrance is masculine and has intense yet sensual notes such as infinium, pine needle, and basil. When used, it neutralizes bad odor well during the day, in the evening, and at night. Its bottle is masculine and has a functional hi-tech closure system that minimizes the risk of spills.

2. Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche Eau De Toilette for Men

Launched in 1982, Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche is a fragrant male seductive perfume with citrus, lavender, sandalwood, and spicy berries notes. Even though it is recommended for causal usage, it also serves as excellent official perfume and works well on all skin types. Whether you are sweaty, have dry skin, or oily skin you will not only smell fresh, but also feel comfortable all day.

1. Mont Blanc Spray for Men, 3.3 Ounce

Mont Blanc eau de toilette spray by Montblanc is the best is the best seductive perfume in the market. Its masculine fragrance is sophisticated and has many aromatic notes (pineapple leaf, lavender, tonka, and sandalwood to name a few), while its sophisticated bottle is sturdy and optimized for transport