Top 10 New Kids Movies on DVD Reviews 2017

Cartoons are interesting animated movies enjoyed by millions of kids every day. They are educative, fun to watch, and therefore, are perfect pass-time, particularly for children who do not love the outdoors. Unlike in the past when parents had to subscribe to cable TV or pay hefty Internet bills for their kids to enjoy their favorite films, many kids’ movies are now available on DVD. The top 10 New Kids Movies on DVD that you should consider buying for your kid are:

What do your pets do when you’re not home? Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, and Eric Stonestreet have a fantastic adventure in the New York urban jungle when a posh terrier (C.K.)  and rough-and-tumble pound dog (Stonestreet) make a journey back home after they get lost

A city of animals , a theatre owner wants to save his venue and produces the biggest singing contest ever!

Tried and true Sesame Street. This is the safest option for younger kids who want to learn about letters in the most approachable way.

10. Uncle Grandpa – Tiger Trails


Uncle Grandpa is an interesting 132-minute movie, developed and marketed by Cartoon Network. Since its release on December 16, 2014, it continues to attract positive reviews from both children and parents because of its scintillating plot. Its comedic undertones are also interesting, while its seamless animation and premium sound will keep you and your kid entertained from start to finish. This DVD contains 12 episodes (Belly Brothers, Tiger Falls, Funny Face, Afraid of the dark, and Uncle Grandpa for a Day, to name a feat) of this world-famous kids cartoon. All are super fun and worth watching.

9. The Blind Side/ Dolphin Tale


Does your child like movies? Are looking for an effective strategy to keep him or her from venturing outdoors or engaged during the weekend? You will not regret buying this The Blind Side/ Dolphin Tale DVD. Rated PG-13 (Parental Guidance Suggested), this film by Warner Home Videos has an interesting storyline that will keep you and your child entertained. Based on a true story, it is also educative and lacks bad language or violent scenes that can affect your child negatively. Animation and sound are amazing.

8. Steven Universe – Gem Glow


Steven Universe – Gem Glow is a progressive kid’s film developed by Cartoon Network. Apart from its engaging and somewhat touching storyline, it is one of the most recommended titles in top 10 new kids movies on DVD reviews 2015 because of its endearing and diverse characters. Its quality production, graphics, and sound quality are other major draws. This DVD runs for 132 minutes and has 12 interesting episodes (Cat Fingers, Tiger Millionaire, and Beach party, etc.) and a bonus Pilot episode.

7. The Boxtrolls

For fans of Eggs and the quirky and mischievous Boxtrolls, The Boxtrolls movie is now officially available on DVD. Developed by Universal Studios, this 97-minute classic is interesting, with a scintillating storyline that will keep your child glued from start to finish. This DVD contains 10 episodes (Inside the Box, The Nature of Creation, Trolls Right off The Tongue, Think Big: The Mecha Drill, and Let’s Dance, to name a few) and feature commentaries with its two directors (Anthony Stacchi and Graham Annable).

6. ParaNorman (Happy Faces Version)


This Happy Faces Version of the renowned ParaNorman movies is an interesting kid’s version directed by Chris Butler and Sam Fell. Although shorter (93-minutes) than many new releases, its quality production and engaging storyline makes it one of the top 10 titles worth buying in 2015. Released by Universal Studios, this DVD contains the whole movie, preliminary animatic sequences, feature commentaries with its writer and directors, and interesting behind the scenes. Buy a copy and watch Norman use his ability to talk to the dead to free his town from a devastating centuries-old curse.

5. Clarence – Mystery Pinata


Clarence is an interesting cartoon character loved by millions of children worldwide. If your kid is part of this bandwagon, why not surprise him or her with this Mystery Pinata DVD containing 12 scintillating episodes (Fun Dungeon Face Off, Lost in the Supermarket, Jeff’s New Toy, Zoo, and Average Jeff, to name a few) of this famous Cartoon Network film? It runs for 132 minutes.

4. LEGO: DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League


Is your kid a fan of action and super hero characters? Does he or she like action packed science fiction movies with stellar graphics? You will never regret buying LEGO: DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League as present for his or birthday or good performance at school. Apart from the non stop action that your kid will enjoy for 44 minutes, Warner Home Video has put its best foot forward by improving animation, its graphics, and sound.

3. Batman vs. Robin


In the cartoon niche, Batman and Robin are popular characters. Their ability to solve problems and trump villains with their superhero abilities have also made them role models of millions of children worldwide who are addicted to this trilogy. Batman vs. Robin is now available on DVD. With its official release date by Warner Home Video set to April 14, 2015, thousands have already pre-booked their copies to avoid last minute rush. Order yours too.

2. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya


The Tales of Princess Kaguya is by far one of the best New Kids Movies on DVD of all time. Developed by Universal Studios, this 138-minute movie is interesting, with a captivating storyline that will keep you and your child glued to the edge of your seats. Order your copy and watch princess Kaguya overcome the lack of freedom in her seemingly perfect life.

1. Alpha & Omega: The Great Wolf Games

For kid’s films enthusiasts, Alpha & Omega: The Great Wolf Games by Lions Gate is a must-watch in 2015. This sports themed classic is interesting and has cute and adorable characters your kid will love.