Top 10 GPS Trackers for Kids Reviews 2017

Have you ever gone to the mall with your child only to realize that he or she is no longer at your side and walking through two or more shops? Are you living in an insecure neighborhood and want to keep tubs on your child’s movement or have a buffer zone that you do not want him or her to wander beyond? Whilst hiring a personal nanny is a practical solution to the foregoing problem, the cheapest, and by far the most effective solution that you should consider is buying a good GPS tracker for kids. Most are small and portable. They are also accurate, relatively easy to use, and attainable in plethora of styles and designs that can satisfy your tracking needs. For best results, however, buy one of the following top 10 brands in 2017:

10. IBSound Mini GSM Tracker

In 2015, the tenth-best GPS tracker for kids, according to our review, is this multifunctional mini GPS tracker by IBSound. It is small and highly portable. It is also easy to set up, monitors and transmits real-time GPS coordinates accurately, and currently ranks high amongst the most durable brands around. Feature wise, this IBSound GPS tracker is among the most advanced brands in 2015. Key features that many parents worldwide find invaluable are: 1) Emergency phone calls – apart from transmitting real-time GPS data on the location of your kid, this tracker has an innovative SOS emergency dial feature that supports up to nine numbers. 2) History replay – its history replay features enable to track your kid’s movement in the long term. You can then identify patterns that can put his or her safety at risk and address them early. It also has a GSM and SMS tracking platform, compatible with many smartphones, and comes with lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.

9. Sourcingbay GPS302 GPS Tracker

This GPS302 GPS tracker by Sourcingbay is a small innovative GPS tracker for children. It is light, portable, and has an innovative two-way system of communication that will keep you and your kid in touch always. All parts are sturdy, durable, and work in synergy to relay real time tracking, route history, and Geo-fencing data once set up. It can also relay street addresses via SMS and help you to keep tubs on your child whether he or she is a home, playing outdoors with friends, or is at school. Other desirable features that have won this mini tracker that ninth spot on our list are its automated notifications, relative ease of use, and power efficiency.

8. Guardian Angel GPS Kid’s Tracker

Do you have two kids? Do you want to be able to monitor their movements simultaneously without spending a lot of money on two trackers? This Guardian Angel GPS tracker for kids by Ardi Technologies might be the solution for your problem for these reasons: first, its innovative twin design is functional. It enables you to monitor the movements of two kids from a central base remotely and accurately. It is also easy to use, works well over a vast range, and has a responsive 95dB beep alarm that notifies you (parent unit) and your child (slave) whenever you stray far apart.

7. Sourcingbay Mini GPS Tracker (Waterproof)

Even though Sourcingbay has engineered this mini GPS tracker for keeping kids safe, it is also excellent for tracking the movement of elders, pets, and even motor vehicles. It uses General Packet Radio Services (GPRS), Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), and Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites to monitor the movement of a kid and then relay accurate data that is reflection of his or her location. It is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile operating systems. It has a dedicated SOS button, relays SMS alerts well, and offers geo-fence and voice surveillance. Finally, it is easy to use, waterproof, and importantly, durable.

6. TBS 3202 Kids’ GPS Tracker

A regular in top 10 GPS tracker for kids reviews 2015, this new generation TBS 3202 GPS tracking Kids’ watch ranks sixth on our list. It is aesthetic, functional, and works well as a day-to-day watch. It is also durable, feature-rich, and can keep your kid safe when he or she is exploring outdoors or is at school. Even though this tracker uses a one way system of communication, its ability to relay accurate GPS data is important. It SOS surveillance system and monitoring and alert functions are innovative, while its SMS messaging and ability to store up to seven guardian emergency numbers makes it one of the most flexible 2015 trackers.

5. Oxking Mini Child GPS Tracker Bracelet

Oxking mini child bracelet by Generic is a functional hand-held quad-band GPS tracker that works well in various environments. As many trackers on this top 10 2015 list, this tracker is portable. It is also light, easy to use, and relays accurate GPS data that can help you track your child’s movements and thus, keep him or her safe. Its SOS function call button works well. Its 1.5-inch LCD screen eases usage, while its emergency speed dial feature comes in handy when in distress. You will not regret buying it.

4. Sourcingbay Mini GPS Locator (Waterproof)

If you have an active school-going child and you want to keep him or her safe when outdoors, this waterproof mini GPS locator by Sourcingbay is worth buying. It tracks kids’ position in real time by relaying locality-based GPS coordinates. It can also monitor your child’s communication, geo-fence, and track his or her route history without using a lot of power. Finally, it SOS alarm is responsive. Its waterproof casing enhances its durability, while its over speed alert features works perfectly for those with motor vehicles.

3. Spy Tec Mini Portable GPS Tracker

This mini portable GPS tracker by Spy Tec ranks third on our list. Apart from its cost-effectiveness (no contracts not activation fees), this device is among the most popular brands in this niche mainly because of its effectiveness and ease of use. Once you have charged and activated it, simply place in your kid’s backpack when he or she is going to school to get detailed real time data on her movements, route history, and more (receive image or text alerts, geo-fence, etc.). Other interesting features are its ability to store historical data for a year, long battery life, and its ability to track movement discretely.

2. Spy Spot GL 300 Investigations GPS Tracker

Spy Spot’s GL 300 is a portable and advance spark nano 4.0 GPS tracker that monitors both personal (kids, elderly, etc.) and physical movements (motor vehicles). Its advanced real time tracking technology relays on-the-go GPS data, while its motion sensor alerts you whenever you kid is on the move. It supports remote monitoring via computers and smartphones and draws power from a two-week-capacity rechargeable battery pack that lasts long.

1. SkyNanny GPS Child Tracker

In the kids’ GPS tracker niche, this Sky Nanny model is the best in 2015. It is functional. When it use, its tracks the GPS location of your kid accurately and then offers systematic directions on how to reach him or her from your location. It also tracks the user’s route history and is compatible with the famous SkyNanny Android app.