Top 10 Famous Movie Producers in 2017

Movie Producers are the cement in the foundation of the film industry. To be a successful producer it takes talent, business sense and fortitude to pull motion pictures into hits the public loves. It also takes talent and the ability to pull a project from start to finish as the producer and finisher of the film they begin. It takes hard work, dedication and talent that is above and beyond the call to be an executive producer.

Many producers do not get to be famous but these hit makers have become famous for their ability to move audiences through film better than anyone in the past years. These producers are not in order of best to worst because their films cannot be compared. So out of all the up and coming production companies scrambling for the top notches of fame these are the the top ten famous movie producers for 2017.

10. Drew BarryMore – Flower Films


Drew has been in films since she was tiny and beautiful in “ET” to exciting films such as “Fire-starter” which we all loved in the eighties. We watched as she grew up in the Hollywood spotlight as a troubled teen and bloom into a successful young producer. Drew Barrymore acts and produces many of the films we all love including “Fifty First Dates” a very precious film. Drew has serious kudos on this list as being one of the top ten famous producers in Hollywood for her stellar work. She has been on all sides of the camera and knows what an audience wants and can produce it successfully.

9. Irwin Winkler


Irwin Winkler has been producing films for decades and is still putting out mega-hits every few years. He is a winner in the film industry with a career that began in 1967 through today. With such hits as Rocky in 1976 he has spanned many types of fans and the list only grows through the years. His latest hit “The Wolf of Wall-street” shows experience only increases his ability as Executive producer.

8. Brian Grazer- Imagine Entertainment


Imagine Entertainment is almost legendary for all of the films it has produced over the years. Brian Grazer is a driving force as Executive producer. In 2015 he is still standing at the top of his field with hits that keep coming. Starting with the hit that made a splash “Splash” in 1984 the hits have kept coming over the years. From “Apollo 13” to “A Beautiful mind” these movies have become staples for the ultimate movie library and earned Brian tops in his field as one of the top ten famous producers in 2015.

7. Megan Elison- AnnaPurna Pictures


An up and coming bright star Megan has begun a lucrative career in film production. Her film production company AnnaPurna Pictures has put out quite a few memorable hits from “American Hustle to Zero Dark Thirty.” Recently she joined forces with The Cohen Brothers to produce “True Grit” and is definitely on the list of top ten famous producers of 2015.

6. Kevin Feige – Marvel Entertainment


If you can name a famous Marvel movie without mentioning the man behind the scenes who produces these hits it would be impossible. From “SpiderMan” to the beloved Avenger series Kevin’s hits range for a long span and a great career as executive producers and still standing as one of the top ten in 2015.

5. Jason Blum- BlumHouse


Jason Blum and BlumHouse have been around since 1995 producing films. As executive producer Jason has put out hits such as the Insidious series to everyone talking about Paranormal Activity. His career is full of megahits and is one of the most famous of movie producers in 2015.

4. Jerry Bruckheimer- Jerry Bruckheimer Films


Jerry Bruckheimer has a very illustrious career as executive film producer and is definitely famous just by name with motion picture lovers. He has also produced quite a few television hits during his long and successful career in film. He is still a very a hot commodity today having produced the”Pirates of the Carrabean” with Walt Disney. Jerry started out in 1972 making hits such as “The Culpepper Cattle Company.” Jerry Bruckheimer is still making hits today with “The Lone Ranger” being one of his latest. There will be more hits to come from this most famous producer in 2015.

3. George Clooney & Grant Heslov- Smokehouse Pictures


This team of Executive producers are definitely on the list of most famous producers. This production company has put out hits such as “Confessions of a Dangerous mind” and “Up in the Air.” George Clooney often plays starring roles and executive producer in these grand productions. “Gravity” being one of the production company’s latest big name productions is sure to synch George Clooney and company as one of the top ten famous production companies of 2015.

2. Ron Howard


Ron Howard have been a winning combination production team from the start. With their hits from Imagine Entertainment stemming from years of great film production Ron continue to wow fans with their latest projects. Ron Howard has produced such hits as “Cocoon” in the eighties to “ParentHood” and “Back-draft.” These are just some of the hits Ron Howard has co-produced with his business partner for years Brian Grazer. These two are a winning combination even in 2015 as the most famous executive producers in film today. Brian Grazer and Ron Howard are two of the movers and shakers of Hollywood Film Production. Ron Howard also has a brother who acts in many of his productions Clint Howard is also famous as an actor but frequents his brother’s films as often as he can.

1. Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen- Temple Hill Entertainment


Wyck Godfrey is one of the top ten most famous producers of 2015 for a variety of reasons. With his business partner Marty Bown they have produced hits such as the “Twilight” series which has been a major breakthrough hit for women and teens alike who loved the books. This great team of famous executive producers keeps putting out the hits and deserve a spot on the most famous executive producers of 2015.