Top 10 for Best Robot Kits; Build your own Robots! :D

The Future is coming, and it is not going totally human friendly. The nature of work, and humanity’s relation to it will soon change. If you have a geeky teenager or adolescent who simply cannot get enough of engineering/computer programming, you may have a hard time finding items that make gifts that will interest your kids. Why not give them a head start? The following list of the top ten robot kits available  should help you considerably in your quest to find that perfect present.

The Elegoo UNO Project Smart Robot Car Kit comes with four wheel drivers, a link tracking module, a remote and much more. This is one of the most economical and modern robot car kits available today. It’s easy to build, has a smooth operating system and has a non-complex interior. Included is a CD with a complete video tutorial in case your little wizard gets stumped during the assembly process. The car comes equipped with an ultrasonic sensor to keep it away from obstacles, a 3 pcs line tracking module to allow the user to dictate the car’s route and an infrared remote so that the car can be manually controlled. Another plus to this kit is that you can install the app included on the CD in your phone so that you can control the car via Bluetooth.

The 4M KidzLabs Race Car Mecho Motorized Kit is an extremely inexpensive robot car kit. Designed for a younger audience, this lightweight, motorized car allows your child to explore basic mechanics. Included are a wide variety of parts, a gear-driven motor, a linkage steering system and circuits for the batteries. Your younger child will have a blast with this product!

The Makeblock mBot Educational Robot Kit for Kids is a beginner’s kit, allowing aspiring computer programmers to gain valuable hands on experience about electronics, robotics and graphical programming. It has been designed for STEM education. The 38 assembly parts can be put together in just 10 minutes. The mBot was designed with fun and creativity in mind. There are numerous pre-programmed options available, including line following, obstacle avoidance and remote control usage. The body of the mBot is compatible with a majority of Lego parts and the Makeblock platform.

The Meccano-Erector Super Construction Set allows for virtually endless constructions abilities. Included is a 6V motor to drive all of your child’s creations. This amazing kit comes with 640+ parts, a carrying case, two real tools, instructions, and the 6V motor. Directions to build 25 unique models are included.

The 4M Table Top Robot enables the user to learn the basics of robots through the construction of a fully operable robot crab. When it is activated, the crab will be able to perform under its own power and to change directions before it runs into an obstacle. If put on a table or other flat surface, the crab can be made to do acrobatics. No special tools or experience are necessary to build this crab, making it perfect for many younger geeks.

The 4M Tin Can Robot helps teach your kids about the importance of recycling by turning a used soda can into a fully functional, fun and engaging robot. Instructions are included to build either a monster on wheels, a goofy robot, or a terrifying, powerful combo. The only things required are two AAA batteries.

The 4M Robotic Hand is probably one of the cheapest robotics kits available. It comes with all the parts and instructions necessary to build a robotic hand with fully defined fingers. This kit is a perfect fit for younger science enthusiasts, and comes with detailed assembly instructions.

The Makeblock Me LED Matrix for mBot is extremely similar to the mBot, but it uses text programming instead of graphic programming. The display on this robot’s face can be used to display emotion, animation and scrolling characters. Buying this kit for your child’s mBot robot kit can be a great way to expand their knowledge base. And currently priced at around $15, it is extremely affordable.

The Ozobot Starter Pack Robot Toy was a winner of the “Best Robot” award from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show and the 2014 International Toy Fair. The kit offers an engaging and fun introduction to computer programming, and also allows the user to download free apps to play games with their robot. In addition, there are free STEM inspired lesson plans, which can come in handy for teachers and those homeschooling their children.

The Ozobot 2.0 Bit is a little globe shaped bot that is the successor to the Starter Pack Ozobot. Ozobot 2.0 can be programmed to race, dance and a whole lot more. This bot ranks among the world’s smallest programmable robots, measuring barely over an inch. You can download games and activities from the website or create your own. This kit comes with a 90 day warranty. It is sure to be enjoyed by both tweenagers and teenagers alike.