Top 15 Best Punching Bags for Kids Reviews 2017

Sports are for health and entertainment at the same time. And, it is important that we start to build the habits since we are young. For some kids, they do like the boxing and punching sport which can be done easily at home. The only need is the good punching bags. Either you are to look for one for your kids, you might need the suggestions on which punching bag is best for your kids. We have done the search, and we have come up with this list of the top, best punching bags for kids to review for you to check out and consider. Both the quality and price of these are also greater than the rest.

Before you let your little warriors start their training, you need to consider some vital safety equipment


You need gloves if your child is going to be hitting the bag. It’s easy to get excited and just let them loose but you’re going to end up with bloody, swollen knuckles. It only takes a couple of punches to start bleeding.

Hand Wraps

Even with the gloves, you need a way to stabilize the wrists. An injury such as a sprained or even broken wrist is possible without the right hand wraps and putting them on correctly.

Everlast 70 lb. Heavy Bag Kit


Featuring a striking camo black theme that blends well in homes and even basement, this 70-pound punching bag by Everlast is a well-made accessory for kids that will help him or her blow steam when stressed and or live an active and healthy lifestyle. It is affordable, made of a heavy-duty Nevatear fabric, and has an easy to use 13.5L x 13.5W x 46H-inch design that works well for kids of all ages. In addition to this premium bag, buyers of this kit also get a protective headgear that is perfect for sparring, a pair of gym gloves for safer and efficient hitting, an adjustable height chain for custom setup, and a pair of wrist straps for better striking power, and a 1-year warranty.

This is the best set here because it includes everything you need: gloves, a punching bag, and hand wraps.

This 25 pound all purpose bag is meant for kids 4 years and over. This kit also includes light weight gloves. This is actually a good thing because the wearer can feel the impacts of their punches more easily, building confidence. Also a unique feature is the inclusion of a jump rope. If you don’t want to go with the Everlast bag, this is the one you want.

Franklin Sports Future Champs

For those with sensory-seeking children, and looking for heavy-duty punching bags that can distract them from punching walls and counters, Future Champs by Franklin Sports is a mega-sized punching bag with a convenient inflatable design. It is durable, has a water pocket at the base for added stability, and has a safe and fun to use design that benefits kids aged five years and above. All seams are flat and double-stitched for added safety while the three months replacement warranty Franklin Sports offers for it attests value.

Kid Kick Wavemaster

Topping our list, Kid Kick Wavemaster by Century is a striking red-themed punching bag for kids that benefits those that are interested in karate, kickboxing, boxing, and martial arts. It is affordable, has a high-impact foam inner that absorbs punches well, and has a durable nylon cover that does not rip nor fray after several months of consistent use. Weighing 170 pounds, this bag is heavy duty. Its low profile base has a water and sand pocket for stability, while its adjustable design (four heights) works well for kids of various stature. With each purchase, you get a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Boxing Set, the Ringside Youth

Ringside Youth Boxing Set includes the boxing and punching bag, punching gloves and the headgear. This is a complete set which kids could start their sport immediately. Indeed, this boxing set is designed completely for kids and best for those from 2.5 to 5 years. Good quality materials have been brought in to produce these products in the set, resulting in great durability for this set. Meanwhile, the Boxing set has had a nice and attractive design, making it even more wanted by the kids.

Boxing Punching Bag from Kings Sport with Punching Gloves for Kids

Also coming with the gloves, this is another perfect punching bag designed for kids to play and exercise. As often, Kings Sport is a brand with good recognition for the quality, so you should be able to trust this punching bag very well. Indeed, this punching bag is very adjustable for the height to allow it to fit kids at different ages. With this set at home, kids could have their training at any time. Plus, the durability of this set is outstanding. It will last very long for the kids’ training.

Velocity Boxing Inflatable Punching Bop Bag

Having a cute design, you can tell this Velocity Bob Bag from Velocity is made for kids. However, it is made in a high quality for kids’ play and boxing training. This bop bag was designed in 56.6 inch height and 14 inch diameter which suits best the kids 5 years old and older. Likewise, for the sturdy stand, the product has had a foot bump for its inflating and deflating. Even more special, a photo pouch is also included for kids to insert any picture in for even more fun time.

Schylling Punching Bag & Glove Set

Next best punching bag which is lovely made for kids is the Schylling Punching Bag and Glove set. That is a lot easier since you will need to find another pair of gloves if the package contains only the punching bag while the gloves will be needed anyway. With the height of about 18 inch tall, this Schylling Punching bag is made for kids at least 7 years old. For the glove, it was produced with the soft and comfortable foam in black and red appearance.

Tower Inflatable Punch Bag, Everlast Power

Tower Inflatable Punch Bag from the Everlast Power also deserves your consideration. This product is specialised for kids’ punching training, and it has many challenges for the kids to go against. They could have fun as well as become healthier at the same time with this set. For the sturdy base of this punch bag, it was water-weighted with leak proof and foot pump. For the material to produce this punch bag, it is the rugged PVC.

MMA Target Bag, the Pure Fitness Boxing

Having the base filled up with water and sand with the inclusion of the foot pump, this Target bag is a steady stand bag for the kids’ punch. It has a nice design in black body with the red spot with number inside. As well, with the height and design of this target bag, it is totally for the kids at 6 years old to adults. More importantly, it can stand tough kick and hit very well while bouncing back extremely quick for another go. This is best for the standard training or just an exercise at home.

Velocity Boxing Children Punching Bag

For this suggestion, it is the Velocity Punching bag with great bouncing. Additionally, the height of this punching bag is highly adjustable between 35 and 53 inch, standing steadily by its 50lbs sandy base. This complete punching bag is best for kids at the age of 5 or more. However, for the overall quality of this Reflex punching bag, it is among the most durable punching bags on the market. Regarding the package, it contains the punching bag, the sturdy stand as well as a pair of high quality gloves with hand pump.

RDX Kids Punch Bag Set

Obviously high in quality and popularity, the Authentic RDX kids punching bag is a nice and strong bag for the kids’ MMA training. This item is designed perfectly with the 3 ft high which suits best with the kids. Also, the bag is made from non tear leather technology that you will find the bag lasting very long to be used. A pair of very light gloves is also added into the package, making it even greater for the training. Lastly, a variety of designs are also made available for the selection.