Top 10 Best Online Dating Sites 2017

Dating websites are probably the most fun places in the online world. There are thousands of people looking to take a dip in the world of love and relationships. The best thing about these websites is that they give you the freedom to choose people according to your own interests. There is hardly a chance that you would not find people near you. The dating process can be as fast or slow as you like and you can ‘block’ the person you don’t want to talk to (a very useful tool for single women).

Now, the question here is to find a website that actually works for you. There is a plethora of dating websites out there and you will always benefit from choosing a website that suits you. If you are just getting started or simply bored of your old dating site, scroll through to find the best dating websites on planet. If love is in the cards for 2013, these sites can be the place to start with.


best online dating sites
best online dating sites

This is the best dating website that you can find. There are millions of users on this set and this gives you a better chance to find the special someone you are looking for. Who knows if that person finds you instead of you discovering them. is better for people who also have a lot of time to spare. There are so many profiles that you would really have a tough time finding the one that suits you better. However, when it comes to dating, you better look through profiles then waste your time in meeting someone totally incompatible.


This is one site where love meets fun. The website is like a lovely pink bubble. Most men claim that they find decent, intelligent and beautiful women on this website. Women too, claim that there are better men on this site than anywhere else. If we look at these facts, we find that the quality of profiles is far better than anywhere else. Moreover, you will be able to read long profile essays, take tests, get a quick match, find a match on the criteria you define etc. All in all, there is a lot to be done on this website and you would like it.


If you are tired of finding people through lengthy profile essays and words that were dipped in honey before being written by absolutely cold people, you must try This website has a very neat and scientific approach towards love. People are judged on the basis of certain qualities like intellectual abilities, compatibility, character, values being held for life etc. In such cases, it becomes easier for you to look for someone who actually shares the same values or the same approach towards life. Many people love this site and have been successful in finding love.


There are certainly more singles available online then there are in the real world that you exist in. This website is known for letting millions of people share billions of messages each year. Moreover, there are chances that you find a couple who met on POF dating or meeting each other in a restaurant or a mall or pretty much anywhere you go. They also have a love chemistry match maker similar to EHarmony. It is simple and easy to use. Moreover, it is good for people of all ages. You will definitely find people of varied interests here.


Facebook helped to lift this service and it is one of the fastest growing online dating websites of the year. Zoosk helps you in finding the right people; sharing your stories with people around the globe and helping you get close to someone who clicks. It will send new matches to your profile everyday and also help you in finding new people through its powerful search features. Overall, it is a great place for the romantic explorer in you.


Nobody likes to be single when all your friends are engaged. Guess what? Your friends don’t like it too. SO here is a website that is strictly against your single life and happens to call your friends to endorse you on the website. Great, isn’t it? Let them do the work while you pretend to be busy and then get the love of your life. You can ask your friends to recommend you, write about you etc. Therefore, it is better to let the hard work go to your friends while you enjoy the fruits of their setting up process. Though, you can join the website yourself too.


Alone on a Friday evening and looking to meet new people to turn your love life 180 degrees? This is the website for you. This is one of the websites that have gone beyond the typical ‘message me if you like me’ process and given speed dating a new meaning. Meet one person a minute through live video speed dating. If you like it, then go ahead and set up a date, if not, then you can easily move to the next person, then to the next and so on.


This is the website for people who have very specific interests and date only in a specific circle. This website includes separate pages for whites, blacks, seniors, younger singles, parents, Catholics, Jews, Asians, Latinos etc. Basically, if you are a very choosy (or kinky) person who would like to date only in one of the above categories and many more, you must visit this site. It is great.


Those who are looking for long term relationships or marriages and are really interested to find local singles, must turn to This website is really simple and straightforward and hundreds of people have found love and even their spouses through this website. The best thing about this website is that most of the people prefer to look for activity partners and friends as well. Therefore, you never know if you find your best friend through this site as well. All in all, a great recommendation.


This is the website for gays and lesbians who are single and wish to find their partner online. The website is really a great place to be and is certain to find your life partner or even a hot date on the next weekend. There are plenty of lifestyle columns being featured on this site. Guys are cuter and hotter than any other dating site on the planet. The bottom line: it IS the best site for online dating for gay men.
This year, you would hardly have a boring weekend if you try these sites. Most of them are available free of cost and you don’t even have to worry much about dating the wrong people. You have been given the choice to decide who gets your clock ticking and makes it to a second date. If there is anything great in the online dating world, it is these 10 websites. Try for sure and let us know how your experiences were. Meanwhile, good luck for a deep dive in the world of online dating.