Top 10 Best New Features Of iOS 7

Apple changed the operating system for the iPad and iPhone in a great way. With introduction of iOS 7, which is a redesigned version of the software that has been running its mobile devices, Apple users are going to enjoy various great features and the top 10 Best new features of iOS 7 have been listed below.

Top 10 features of iOS 7:

1. Multitasking

Iphone iOS7

For its apps in iOS 7, Apple has introduced a fresh multitasking feature, which allows a greater battery life. The apps now will be able to tell if you have a good connection or no, and thus decide when to fetch data. If you double click on the home button you will be able to move between many applications with the help of a new thumbnail view, and if you swipe up, an app gets closed.

2. Safari

Safari is going to get a full-screen view with focus on the content instead of the controls. If you swipe in from the display’s edge you will be able to navigate backwards, and if you tap just once in the unified search field you will enjoy access to each of your favorites. There also is a fresh tab view that piles the open web page one over the other. These tabs can be rearranged and for that you need to tap, hold and drag them around your screen.

3. Control Center

The new iOS user interface has a new Control Center which you can access at any time from anywhere. You just need to swipe up from the bottom side of the display and the Control Center menu gets revealed, which has options to change brightness, toggle Bluetooth and WiFi settings, control music playback and engage airplane mode.

4. Camera and Moments

The camera app in the new iPhone has various filters, but the most interesting thing about the iOS 7 is the way you can organize photos. The latest Moments features identifies where you have taken the photos, and you can also view your photo collection by years. Even if you have a huge mini thumbnail collection, by just tapping and scrubbing you will be able to easily find out what you are looking for. Moreover, there are new ways by which you can share photos, including Cloud, which now also supports video sharing.

5. Siri

Siri is far smarter now, and you can enjoy the male and female voice options. The Siri in iOS 7 combines with Bing Web search results and Wikipedia, and you an even tell your virtual assistant to play the last voicemail or turn the Bluetooth on.

6. AirDrop

A new peer-to-peer WiFi sharing service has been introduced by Apple with its iOS7 known as the AirDrop. This is a great solution offered by Apple, and unlike the Samsung’s Galaxy phones you will not have to tap two phones together to be able to share. All you need to do is select your friends nearby, and using WiFi you can share your desired content.

7. iOS in the Car

By 2014 many car makers will be introducing iOS in their cars, owing to which you will get detailed directions, messages, play music and enjoy lots more in your car directly. You therefore will no longer have to make use of Bluetooth pairing or a car adapter to be able to play music from your iPhone through the stereo of your car. There are many manufacturers Apple has partnered with including Ferrari, Chevrolet, Honda, Nissan Hyundai and others.

8. App Store

iOS7 - iPhone
iOS7 – iPhone

A new feature has been introduced by Apple using which you can search for apps in a new way. For instance, you can search for apps on age basis, like ages 6 to 9, or those apps that are famous in your location. The apps that you download from the app store will also get updated automatically, though it is not clear if this will be mandatory or optional.

9. iTunes Radio

The new iTunes radio is a part of the fresh music app of Apple, and with it listeners can find out new artists through various genre-based curated stations. If you like a particular track, just add it to your wish list, or you can also remove it from the station. The iTunes Match subscribers can enjoy Ad-free listening free of cost.

10. Activation Lock

This is a theft deterrent and owing to it anyone swiping your iPhone will have to re-activate it with your iTunes credentials, and there are hardly any chances of them having that info. This is mandatory in 2017!