Top 20 Best Digital Cameras Under 100 Dollars 2017 Reviews

In today’s society digital cameras have become one of the most essential equipment in homes and offices. They help individuals to capture treasurable moments in weddings and parties and share the perspective of the world with friends and family members using photographs and videos. Here is a detailed list of the top 20 best digital cameras under 100 dollars available in the market:



24.Ivation 20MP Underwater Shockproof Digital Video Camera 

I’ve never heard of this brand before. Part of me wonders if it’s a white-label camera. They may have sold box fans a few months ago. Who knows. This camera has a 20 MP CCD along with forgettable 4X digital zoom (barf). This camera’s trick is that you can dunk it underwater like that creepy dude who hung in the bool near your friends in middle school. Pass.

23.Aokon New AR 4K Full Ultra HD WIFI 2.0″LCD

This alphabet soup of a knock off of a Go Pro can do what most of the Go Pro can already do but for slightly less. They’re really trying, here. This particular model features an Android or IOS app that I didn’t have working. It’s not trying to be a knock off but you can’t help but feel that just handling it. It has a low price and removable battery. If you can’t spring for a GoPro get this one.

22.Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ53

Did you know Kodak is still in business? Well, here’s the proof. This features “Friendly Zoom’ in contrast with “Douche Zoom on other, lesser models. Features a 16 MP CCD and a 5X zoom so you can zoom in on Kodak’s glorious past.

21. Sony DSCW800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera (Black)

SteadyShot is a standard feature, allowing you to take smooth video with low noise and sharp image quality, even if you’re strolling along your friend Becky while she attention-whores her way through Paris while you hold the camera. Again. Why are you even friends with her?

5X zoom

20. Fujifilm FinePix S8600 / S8630

A top-rated product in stores, Fujifilm FinePix S8600 / S8630 is a fun-to-use 16 MP digital camera with a high-performance 36X wide-angle optical zoom lens. It has a built in flash. It also has a built in auto on/off feature, a large 3-inch LCD screen, and a comfortable and ergonomic body with well-spaced buttons that ease use. This digital camera supports face detection. You also get image stabilized image-stabilized optics for shooting professional-looking photographs effortlessly.

19. Nikon COOLPIX L32

Nikon COOLPIX L32 is a well-built digital camera with a wide angled 5X zoom NIKKOR lens and a large 3.0-inch LCD screen. Its body is sturdy and ergonomic. The Smart Portrait feature on offer improves photo quality, while its advanced video-recording engine with surround sound is innovative. This camera is affordable, uses regular AA batteries, and has a 720p HD dedicated video button.

18. Nikon Coolpix L30

Nikon Coolpix L30 is a certified refurbished point-and-shoot digital camera that rivals most high-end models. It is light, portable, and perfect for regular travel. It is also durable, has NIKKOR glass lens with genuine 5X zoom and 20 MP CMOS sensor, and a smartly placed dedicated movie button that works well. You no longer have to browse nested settings to record videos, as was the case using traditional cameras.

17. General Imaging X450

General Imaging X450 is a stylish and high-performance digital camera with an easy-to-use point and shoot design that novice photographers like. It has a reliable 16MP CMOS sensor, a 25X optical zoom glass lens, and a 2.7-inch PowerPro LCD screen that supports review and playback of photographs. It also supports 720p full HD video recording and has a built in flash with a slow synchro mode, red eye removal, and auto and forced flash modes.

16. General Imaging E1410SW-CP

Liked by both professional and novice photographers, General Imaging E1410SW-CPn is a cheap yet functional digital camera with a 14.4 MP CMOS sensor and a 10X optical zoom lens. It is image stabilized, has a built in HDMI port for easier transfer of contents, and a high-speed shutter that captures up to 10 frames per second in full resolution. When covering fast action activities such as sports or tracking game, you will not miss an interesting shot because of slow processing speed.

15. General Imaging X450-WH

General Imaging X450-WH by GE is an angelic white 16 MP digital camera that offers value. It is durable, has a large 2.7-inch LCD screen for focusing and reviewing photographs, and a sturdy, non-slip, and ergonomic body that is easy to use indoors and outdoors. This digital camera is affordable. It has a functional electronic viewfinder, a powerful and image stabilized optical zoom lens, and a face beautifier with pan capture features that inspire creativity.

14. Ccbetter CS710 Sports Action

Ccbetter CS710 Sports Action is a cheap, professional-grade digital camera with a super-lightweight (59 grams), easy to use, and durable design. It is also ergonomic and has an array of novel features that boost its functionality and versatility. Its 120-degree wide angled lens, for instance, is perfect for panoramic photography. Its built in 1.5-inch LCD screen does not glare outdoors, while its ability to shoot high-definition digital and time lapse videos makes it one of the most versatile models in this category. Ccbetter CS710 Sports Action digital camera uses rechargeable batteries.

13. Polaroid IS2132-BLACK

Polaroid IS2132-BLACK is an aesthetic black-themed digital camera with a feature-rich design that lasts long. The quality plastic used to manufacture it is impact resistant. Its 2-inch LCD screen is clear and easy to use, while its powerful 16 MP sensor and 21X zoom lens boost its performance in both low and high light environments. Whether you like covering birthday parties and or venture on frequent safaris, Polaroid IS2132-BLACK will never disappoint you. It is point and shoot; supports blink detection and panoramic photography; and has a HDMI Type B output for backing up data.

12. Nikon Coolpix S2900

Do you have 100 dollars to spend on a new digital camera? Do you want a well-designed point-and-shoot model that works well? Nikon Coolpix S2900 is a high-performance camera with a powerful 5X optical zoom lens, a light and easy-to-use design, and a powerful 20MP – 1/2.3″ CCD Sensor. It is impact resistant, image stabilized, supports 1280 x 720 High Resolution video recording, and has a large 2.7-inch fixed type LCD screen that eases setup, review, and sharing photographs via Wi-Fi.

11. PowerLead Gapo G051

To shoot stunning photographs on land and under water without spending a hefty amount on a digital camera, PowerLead Gapo G051 is a cheap and high-performance model with a water-resistant yellow casing that most photographers find eye-catching. The case resists dust and cold (up to -10C) to offer users a durable all round camera that rarely breaks down as most comparable models. Its powerful lens (8x digital zoom) and image stabilized CMOS sensor (5MP) work in synergy to improve picture quality while the numerous built-in picture modes that you get (night portrait, auto, night scenery, party, high sensitivity, and underwater to name a few) boosts the diversity of pictures that you can shoot in many environments. You can also review photos before sharing via its 2.7-inch LCD screen and record high-quality videos with sound with a click of a button.

10. Nikon Coolpix S2900

The Coolpix by Nikon is a popular point and shoot digital camera brand that has attracted positive attention from photographers because of its ease of use, affordability, and importantly, its longevity. If you are a fun of the Coolpix and shopping for a new budget model that you can use during your outdoor adventures or cover social events, Nikon Coolpix S2900 is a quality 20.1MP model with light and easy to use design and a powerful 5x optical zoom lens. Its ability to shoot high definition (HD) 720p videos and the plethora of secondary accessory that buyers get has also earned it a spot among the best of the best in this niche. For a few dollars, for instance, you get a mini Xtech tripod and protective casing. You also get a cleaning cloth and a one-year warranty.

9. FujiFilm FinePix AX655

Offering a portable and convenient way to capture stunning photographs and videos indoors, FujiFilm FinePix AX655 is a compact budget digital camera with a stabilized 16MP sensor and a powerful lens (with 5x optical zoom) for capturing both close-up and far shots. Its sturdy casing and top-grade parts used to manufacture it last long. The large TFT LCD screen that it comes with eases framing of shots and review of captured photographs and videos while the rechargeable battery that it draws power from is a durable and high capacity model. As such, when you are shooting photographs and or video, you do not have to worry about your camera running out of charge, as is always the case with most models.

8. Nikon Coolpix L310

As the Coolpix S2900 listed herein, Nikon Coolpix L310 is a light and portable digital camera with an ergonomic and easy to use system that benefits both professionals and beginners. The high-powered 21x optical zoom lens offered allows you to shoot clear close-up and far shots without pixelation or quality loss. Its CMOS sensor (14.1MP) is also high powered and has a self-stabilizing technology that eliminates shakes and performance issues common in some low-quality budget cameras. For those that shoot vlogs for their websites and of videos for clients of personal use, Nikon Coolpix L310 digital camera also shoots stunning videos that you can review via its 3.0-inch LCD monitor before sharing.

7. Kodak PIXPRO

Unlike what many people think, the fact that you are spending less than 100 dollars on a camera does not mean that you should sacrifice performance. With this Kodak PIXPRO model, for instance, you cheap yet powerful 16MP digital camera with a 4X optical zoom 24mm wide-angle lens and an advanced CCD sensor that improves speed and quality. It has a sturdy and scratch resistant black body, a 2.7-inch LCD display for setup and review of photography and videography projects, and an efficient battery-powered (AA) system that offers value. Setup and maintenance are easy. Its transportation is also easy while the auto exposure, face detection, and instant touch-up features offered improve its value further.

6. Samsung ST72

Popular for the high powered and technologically advanced digital cameras that it has manufactured over the years, Samsung is a trusted brand, with this Samsung ST72 ranking among the best budget models shared in top 20 best digital cameras under 100 dollars 2016 reviews. It has a striking red body that does not fade easily, a powerful 16MP sensor that improves picture quality, and a bright 3.0-inch LCD screen that eases capture and review of photos. It used a durable 5x optical zoom lens that offers value for years. Its ergonomic body and convenient buttons (plus a dedicated movie button) on the other hand allow used to capture clear panoramic videos and pictures hassle-free in all environments.

5. Canon PowerShot ELPH 160

The ELPH 160 PowerShot by Canon is a premium-grade 20MP digital camera with a 4+ Image DIGIC Processor and a 28-224mm wide lens with 8X optical zoom. The lens its durable, its sensor stabilize, and its casing durable and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand when shooting photos and or videos (up to 720p HD). The plethora of shooting modes offered and its smart AUTO system creates predefined shooting situations automatically to guarantee you the best quality photos and or videos hassle-free. It also has an ECO Mode that prolongs its battery’s life significantly and a stylish design that you will enjoy using outdoors and during social events such as weddings and or birthday parties.

4. Kodak Easyshare Z740

Sought-after by professionals and beginners alike, this old edition of the Kodak Easyshare Z740 is a top grade budget digital camera with several innovative features that will improve how you how you shoot photographs or videos for personal or recreational use. Its body, for instance, is durable, ergonomic, and has durable and well-placed buttons that ease operation. Its sensor is a powerful 15MP model. The range of shooting modes (manual and auto) and its powerful 10x optical zoom Retinar lens buyers improve the quality of photographs shot while its PictBeride compatible design eases capture of high-quality QuickTime movies (with MPEG4 compression). Kodak Easyshare Z740 is battery powered (2AA) and accepts both MMC and SD memory cards.

3. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20K

Purchase the DMC-FH20K Lumix by Panasonic to get a high-quality 14.1MP digital camera with a stylish black theme and an Image Stabilized 8X optical zoom lens that captures stunning close up and panoramic photographs and videos. It is durable. The 2.7-inch LCD screen that it comes with is not only clear but also eases its operation significantly while its super-fast autofocus (AF) responds instantly to help you to capture moving objects without streaking and or pixelation. It also has an intelligent AUTO mode that focuses for you, a pocket-sized design that eases transportation, and four correction and detection functions that boost quality further.

2. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5S

Compact, durable, and with an intelligent system that makes photography or videography fun, DMC-TZ5S Lumix by Panasonic tops our list. It is cheap, durable, and has a MEGA (wide angled) 10x zoom lens with optical image stabilization for better photo and video quality. The newly designed Venus IV engine that it comes with dampens noise to boost detection accuracy while its large 3-inch LCD screen is bright, durable, and easy to use in all environments.

1. Sony W800/B

Sony W800/B is our pick of the best 100-dollar digital camera in 2016. It is aesthetic, has a powerful 20.1MP Super HAD CCD sensor, and a durable shockproof case that fits snug in the hands. It also has a 5X optical zoom lens with a blur minimizing SteadyShot image stabilization feature and a 720p HD movie mode for shooting videos. All its menus and buttons are simple and easy to use.