Top 10 Best Christmas Toy Gift Ideas for Kids 2017

Christmas is approaching, and your kid is eagerly waiting for that day to get a toy gift from you. While you’re busy beating your head up to try and come up with the best toy gift to give to your little boy or girl during Christmas, your kid already has a wish list of the gifts he or she would love to have for Christmas. To help you out, we stole a glimpse of every child’s wish list, and combined the list of the ‘top 10 best Christmas toy gift ideas for kids in 2017’. Here is the list for you to read:

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1. LeapFrog LeapPad learning Tablet


If you’re looking for a perfect gift that can also help your child learn, then this learning tablet from Leapfrog is the ideal toy gift for your child during this Christmas season. It actually features more than a 100 educational books, applications, videos and games. Your child will be able to learn science, maths and reading in a fun way. It’s a toy item that every child longs to have, and your child will definitely love to have it for Christmas.

2. Fisher Price Power-Wheels-Dune-Racer

One of the best Christmas toy gifts for both girls and boys in 2015, is this power-wheel-dune-racer. This dune racer has an open cockpit design and two seats with large off-road tires. What makes it even better, is the monster traction feature that gives it a super terrain performance. It can actually be driven with two forward speeds – 2.5 mph and 5 mph, as well as a reverse speed of 2.5 mph.

3. Playskool sesame — Elmo Big Hugs

This ‘Elmo big hugs’ gift is not only one of the best gifts for a kid, but also the year’s best selling gift item for kids. It’s an ideal gift to get for a preschooler. Your kid will definitely love to play with this simple toy as it has several fun ways to make a preschooler happy. To start with, when hugged it will hug back and sing a sweet hug song while mumbling some fun phrases to your kid. Secondly, when you lay it down it will become sleepy and sing a lullaby song before creating some sleeping sound effects. Lastly, just know that the fun created by the Elmo big hugs is endless for any preschooler, which makes it a perfect gift for any kid that’s below 5 years.

4. Monopoly empire

This is a toy game that can actually help you groom a burgeoning business person from your kid. It’s, in fact, an iteration of one of the most popular games — with brands replacing the hotels and the brand icons replacing the top hat and dogs. It a perfect toy game for any kid above 8 years, especially if you want to introduce an element of reality in the child’s life.

5. Kid’s personalized books

Personalizing a book by including your child’s name in the imprints can actually make the child to enjoy reading the book. It’s also a perfect gift to give to your child during Christmas. Your child will definitely love to see his or her name in a book. To make it better, let it come with a letter from Santa or a plush toy.

6. Nerf Rebelle heartbreaker-bow-blaster

Another great gift for a kid during Christmas is the nerf rebelle heartbreaker-bow-blaster. It’s designed to suit girls — something unusual. And it can be a perfect gift for any tom boy, especially if your little girl does not like ‘girly’ gifts. It comes with five collectible darts that can be aimed at a target placed at a maximum distance of 75 feet. Your little girl can decide to either team-up with a friend or simply go alone. But whichever the case, this bow action game is still fun.

7. Crayola light designer

This is an ideal gift for a child with artistic interests. It actually involves the use of traditional crayons and it’s not messy at all. It has a round dome that responds to a touch of stylus to display seven colors for unlimited imaginative fun. Kids can use this toy to create some animation movies by making their drawings to move using the animation option. Additionally, it also comes with 8 engaging activities, together with several games to entertain your kid.

8. Furby boom

This is one of the newest gifts in the market for 2015. It’s an interactive toy for preschoolers and can respond to both sound and music. Your child can speak to it, play music and it will dance, tickle it or feed it to derive more fun from the toy. It’s a perfect gift to get your child occupied during Christmas and the rest of the days, and the more your child plays with it, the more English it will speak.

9. Lamborghini Murcielago ride-on

Talk of the coolest Christmas toy gift for any kid, and you definitely have to mention the Lamborghini Murcielago ride-on. This Lamborghini toy ride-on operates at a speed of 1.25 mph to 1.56 mph. It also comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger. In addition to that, it also features LED headlights, alloy plastic wheels, functional horn, three hexagonal-transparent-engine-cover and a 3-spoke steering wheel.

10. Razor crazy cart

The razor crazy cart allows a kid to drive it forward, sideways, diagonally and even reverse. It has a 360 degrees steering wheel and can cover up-to 12 miles within an hour. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that can last for 40 minutes before charging it again to enjoy the riding fun. It’s one of the best gifts to give to your child during this Christmas season.