Top 20 Best Baby Nail Clippers Reviews 2017

Taking care of small babies needs very detail attention, and this is what many parents would do. Some common things like clipping their nails are also included because little things could hurt the baby badly. Again, when it comes to clipping the baby nails, very careful attention should be paid because their fingers and the nails are very small, and parents could easily make the mistakes. Choosing the right nail clippers is also a must-do thing to avoid possible mistakes because the best quality baby nail clippers would be made specifically to suit best with the nails of the babies. As you are here, you might really be looking for some of those baby nail clippers. Indeed, this article is to briefly review the best baby nail clippers for you to check out.

20. Dreambaby Deluxe

This Deluxe edition of the acclaimed Dreambaby line of baby clippers is a durable top-quality model with a light and easy to control design, corrosion proof stainless steel blades, and a built-in magnifying glass that you can use to zoom onto your baby’s finger when grooming for a safe and memorable experience. This clipper is affordable. It works well on infants and big kids and has an ergonomic plastic handle that fits comfortably in the hand for safety. A new Dreambaby will serve you well for several years.

19. Safety 1st Complete Nail Care Set

When clipping and trimming delicate baby nails, safety is of paramount important. Using a poorly made clipper, for instance, will only crush his or her delicate nails, irritate him or her, and or harm him or her without warning. To trim your kid’s nail fast without compromising safety, this complete nail care set for babies by Safety 1st is one of the best products to use. Even though cheap, the high-quality clipper on offer, for instance, is a durable and ever sharp model that cuts cleanly every time. It is also rust resistant, has a highly comfortable and soft touch handle that eases control, and is manufactured using durable and baby-safe components that offer value. Apart from this curved edge baby clipper, you also get five professional-grade emery boards and an emery board slot for safe and steady filing.

18. Safety 1st Fold-up Baby Nail Clipper

Featuring a convenient fold-up design and ever sharp and curved clipping edges, Safety 1st Fold-up is a versatile nail clipper for babies, designed with optimal productivity and baby safety in mind. It is durable, has an ergonomic and easy to use design, and comes with a sturdy handle with an easy grip technology that eases operation when cutting delicate baby nails. Its blade is durable and manufactured using a rust proof stainless steel. They are also perfectly sized to cuts smoothly without crushing or splitting nails.

17. Fridababy NailFrida

Popularly known as a SnipperClipper, Fridababy NailFrida is a well-made set of premium baby-grooming accessories, each with a safe and easy to use design that benefits both babies and parents. The stainless steel nail clipper it comes with, for instance, is durable, has sharp edges that cut in one swift motion, and has a light and ergonomic design that you will enjoy using on an everyday basis. It also has large and comfortable plastic handles that ease usage and a safety spy hole that allows you to monitor the clipping experience for added safety. In addition to this clipper, you get a file with an ergonomically curved body that you can use to smoothen clipped nails hassle-free.

16. Safety 1st Fold-Up Nail Clipper

Attainable as a package of two arctic blue nail clippers each with safe and fast cutting curved edges and plastic handles for comfort, Safety 1st Fold-Up is a novel product that eliminates the need for razor blades and poorly built scissors and nail cutters when grooming sensitive nails. Both nail clippers are durable. The heavy-duty stainless steel used to make them is rustproof while their ergonomic and lightweight designs do not require a lot of skill to use.

15. SAMRO Clippers Set

A top rated clipper in stores and among parents all over the world, SAMRO is an innovative baby clipper set that consists of a nail clipper, an ergonomic nasal tweezer, and a unisex scissor. All components are professional-grade, recommended for grooming both boys and girls, and have safe and easy to use designs that minimize irritation when in use. All bladed are stainless steel, hand sharpened, and have well-oriented edges that do not split nor crush nails. Handles, on the other hand, are ergonomic and made of a sturdy, slip-resistant, and baby-safe plastic that lasts long. With each set, you get a 100% money back guarantee and a lifetime replacement guaranty that covers all defects.

14. Solavae Newborn

Solavae Newborn is a versatile nail clipping kit with teal-themed unisex accessories, perfect for grooming infants, babies, and toddlers. It is affordable, delivers a safe and enjoyable grooming, pedicure, and manicure experience, and contains a one of a kind glass nail file that does not hurt the skin or shred nails as most poorly designed ones. The clipper offered is ergonomic and has a plastic handle for better control, while the soft-tipped booger tweezer buyers get glide smoothly in nostrils for optimal comfort. Solavae Newborn is affordable, BPA and phthalate-free, and is manufactured in a safe SHVC-certified factory.

13. Nail Whale

Featuring a functional finger safety stabilizer and large whale-shaped plastic handles that fit comfortably in the fingers, Nail Whale by Nursery Accessories is a safe and easy to use baby nail clipper with built in storage for nail clippings. It is affordable, has a built-in magnifier that boosts its safety further, and has a light and fast cutting design that is gentle on babies. Metallic parts are stainless steel. The plastic used to manufacture it is phthalate and BPA-free and the lifetime warranty offered impressive.

12. Safety 1st Fold-Up Nail Clipper

Tested for durability and safety, this blue-themed nail clipper by Safety 1st is an advanced fold-up clipper with a small and easy to use body that never disappoints. The high-quality materials used to make it are durable, baby-safe, and designed to withstand daily abuse without dulling or losing their structural appeal over time. It also has a stable handle with an extended grip for added safety and curved cutting that trims close and safely every time.

11. Nuby Infant Nail Clipper

Designed to clip baby nails fast and safely, Nuby Infant is a small and easy to use nail clipper with a quality and dull proof blade made of durable stainless steel. It is durable, attainable cheap in stores, and has a light and portable design that you can carry along during your trips and use to groom your baby’s delicate nails on demand. Although simple, this clipper will serve you well for several years.

10. Safety 1st Spring Green Clear View Nail Clipper

Among many nail clippers for babies on the market, the very good one is the Safety 1st nail clipper which is designed smartly for using with small babies. Some of its interesting features include the 5x magnifier which allows parents to see the nails of the babies very clearly though they are extremely small. Also, the curve of the sharp clipping edge of this nail clipper is made very effective to clip the baby nails. However, its overall design is really nice and cute.

9. Baby Pigeon Nail Clipper with Clear Cut

The Baby Nail Clipper from the Pigeon is another great nail clipper which is made specifically for only baby nails. It is made in a very small size which fits best when used to clip baby nails. Also, this is a product of Japan, and it has a very high quality and sharpness to clip the baby nails effectively and easily. The handle design of this baby nail clipper is also great because it allows you the steady hold when cutting the baby nails.

8. Simba Baby Safety Nail Scissors

In another way, parents can also use the nail cutter or scissors. They are also great to use with the baby nails, especially this Simba Baby Safety Nail Scissors. Like its name says, this nail cutter is professionally designed great to be used to cut baby nail while it could ensure very high safety for the babies. In addition to the fact that this scissors have a very sharp blade for best nail cutting, the scissors comes with a cover to make it safe when not in use.

7. #1 Best Baby Nail Clippers Set with Scissors

Similarly, this is another scissor set which is made for baby nails. Coming in a lovely package, the scissor set contains one sharp and safely-designed scissors, the nail buffer as well as the nail clipper. This is really a complete set for baby nail cutting or clipping while each of those have been made very small with best suitable design to use with baby. All of their blades are made from stainless steel. It could stay sharp for a long period of time, additionally.

6. Pigeon Baby Nail Scissor

Do you have a three-month-old baby with long nails that he or she uses to scratch often? Are having a problem trimming his or her tiny nail with the standard adult size clipper in your possession? For a safe and or memorable experience, Pigeon baby is one of the best scissors to use. Recommended for babies aged 3 months and older, it is ergonomic, very easy to control, and has a durable and ever-sharp blade that cuts smoothly without cursing baby nails or irritating their delicate fingers. Plastic handles are smooth and form fitting while its ease of use and rustproof blade makes it ideal for daily grooming.

5. B Electric Nail Trimmer, Baby Buzz Zoli

Having a bit of the different appearance and design, this best choice for cutting or clipping the baby nails is the Zoli nail trimmer. This zoli item is an electric trimmer operated by the battery. It works very effectively and safely to trim baby nails, and it fits best with the babies from 0 month to 12 months old. However, when talking about the price, this product costs a lot more than the rest while it also offers great convenience and safety, accordingly.

4. Safety 1st Grip Infant Clipper

Also considered as one of the very good quality infant nail clipper, this Steady Grip clipper worths a consideration for parents who are looking for the best way to clip their baby nails. Coming in a smart design, the Safety 1st infant clipper has been the choice of many users, and even better, they have rated this infant clipper very high up to 4.5 stars. They must have been very satisfied with the clipper. This is a good evidence that it will work great for your baby’s nails too.

3. Baby Nail Scissors, Yellow Piyo Piyo

Next for the review is the Piyo Piyo Nail Scissors. Coming with the protective cover, this nail scissors for baby is a very nice product which has been very popular among many parents. It has a good and nice design, and it works very well with high safety to cut the baby nails. While its blades are made from the stainless steel, it is highly recommend that parents clean it up before cutting.

2. Summer Infant Complete

Summer Infant is an aesthetic white and teal-themed nursery care kit that has an aspirator for relieving nasal congestion, a pacifier, a medicine syringe, and a sensitive digital thermometer. It also has a durable nail clipper made of rust-resistant stainless steel and five emery board for making fine nail touch-ups after clipping.

1. The First Years Deluxe Nail Clipper

Lastly, the best nail clipper for baby is is the Deluxe Nail Clipper which is designed and produced to work best for the nail cutting of very young baby. For one reason this is great, the nail clipper has an innovative handle design which allows parents to stick and hold it well during the clipping. Additionally, the magnifier has also been added at its top end to make sure parents could see the nails they are clipping well and not to make mistakes cutting somewhere else. Even better, its selling price is just so cheap.