Top 10 Best Baby Backpack Carriers for Newborn 2017 Reviews

Do you have a newborn that you like exploring with outdoors? Are you tired of pushing a heavy stroller whenever you are going to the park or traveling to your parents place over the weekend? If you have a few dollars to spend and want a viable solution to the foregoing issues, one of the best accessories to buy and use is a backpack carrier for babies. They are light, ergonomically designed to transport babies without injuries nor irritation, and are made of soft and baby-safe fabrics that do not bruise the skin over time. They are also cheaper that strollers, space efficient, and allow parents and newborns to interact on the road, creating stronger familial ties and bonds. Several brands are attainable online with these 10 models ranking among the best:

10. Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier

Specially designed for carrying newborns indoors and outdoors, Osprey Poco Plus is a well-designed child carrier, manufactured using a high quality and baby-safe fabric. It is light, portable, and has an ergonomic design that supports babies well. Its tensioned back panel conforms to the orientation of the users back to lower the risk of injuries. It also promotes better airflow, keeping the baby and use cool and as comfortable as possible. Out of the box, Osprey Poco Plus ships assembled and ready to use. It has a sturdy and adjustable full 6-inch harness, a fit-on-the-fly hip belts that secures it well around the waist, and has pad overlays that cushion the baby well for an enjoyable experience. You also get framing for added support and safety.

9. Kelty Junction 2.0 Child Carrier

A reputable brand in the children’s niche, Kelly is an established brand with several innovative products in its arsenal. If you are searching for a backpack carrier and want a valuable product that will serve you well for long, Junction 2.0 is one of the best around. It is durable, made of a comfortable and non-irritant polyester fabric, and has a sturdy build that supports both light and heavy children well without snapping and or losing its functionality. For those with a tight budget, this carrier is affordable. It is also easy to use, has a padded and adjustable height that accommodates children of all stature, and a foot stabilizer platform for easier loading and unloading. Kelty Junction 2.0 fits 14-18-inch torsos and has a front organizer pocket.

8. Handfuls and Handfuls Baby Carrier

Handfuls and Handfuls Baby Carrier is a unique baby accessory, sought-after by millions of people worldwide for several reasons. 1) Comfort – this baby carry offers a level of comfort unmatched by most contemporary models in the market. The polyester fabric used to manufacture it, for instance, is light and comfortable. It is also non-irritant, ergonomically shaped to orient babies naturally, and has padded straps that do not dig into the skin even when in use for several hours. This makes it an ideal everyday accessory, particularly to those that develop frequent backaches. 2) Safety – Child safety should be of primary importance when using a baby carrier. This is among many reasons why this carries is popular worldwide. It has safety buckles, adjustable leg straps, and a sturdy and tear resistant build that supports babies weighing up to 26 pounds. 3) Flexibility – Even though designed for use as a backpack, Handfuls and Handfuls is a versatile carrier that works in three orientations. You can carry it with the baby facing you, away from you, or on your back.

7. Boba Air Baby Carrier

Considered among the best in this niche, Boba Air Baby is a versatile, grey-themed, and ultra-light baby carrier that weighs a paltry 0.7 pounds. It is durable, offers front and back-carrying options, and has a unique self-storing design that saves valuable space when not in use. It is also affordable, orients the baby naturally to lower the risk of irritation and injury, and has a specially designed sleeping hood that tucks out of sight, granting babies the freedom to explore. Boba Air has an adjustable strap system that works well for males and females, Duraflex buckles for safety, and waterproof nylon construction.

6. Ultralight Miracle BEBE Carrier

As its name suggests, Ultralight Miracle by Bebe by Me is a light and super portable baby carrier, manufactured using a durable temperature-regulating mesh fabric. It supports three carrying positions, has an ergonomic and super compact build that does not weigh down parents and kids, and has a secure baby-safe design void of both physical and chemical irritants. With an original model, therefore, you no longer have to worry about you baby developing heat rush during warm summer months or freezing during winter. You do not worry about back pain and qualify for an international warranty. This carrier is washable and fits 2-25 month olds weighing 30 pounds.

5. ERGObaby Original Doll Carrier

Manufactured using 100% cotton, ERGObaby Original is a durable doll carrier for girls, with padded waist and shoulder straps. It is affordable, light, and lacks irritants that might harm your child over time. It is also a safe play-toy, machine-washable and dryer safe, and has a wide and well-designed pouch that fits different-sized dolls. If you are planning for a birthday party for your girl and shopping for an interesting gift that deviates from the norm (clothing and shoes to name a few), this ERGObaby Doll Carrier works best.

4. Evenflo Breathe Soft Carrier

Designed for optimal support and comfort, Evenflo Breathe Soft is an aesthetic Marianna-themed baby carrier, sought after in top 10 best baby backpack carriers for newborn 2015 reviews for several reasons. The breathable mesh panels and quality fabric used to manufacture it, for instance, are durable, comfortable, and keep babies and users cool whilst in use. It is also non-irritant, has padded shoulder straps and headrest for optimal comfort, and comes with a removable bib that comes in handy during feeding. With an original, you also get secure lock buckles and a light and fold-able accessory.

3. Mo+m Classic Cotton Baby Carrier

Made of a soft structured 100% cotton material, Mo+m Classic is an ergonomic sling-shaped baby carrier, recommended for everyday travel. It is durable, has a breathable mesh-cooling vent that keeps babies cool, and a light and easy to use design with a hood that offers added protection against direct sunlight. This carrier is baby safe. Its buckle and loop systems work well. It is also tear resistant, distributes weight evenly to lower the risk of back strain and pain, and ships ASTM F2236 – 14, CPSIA Sec.10, and Cal-certified. Most users consider it worthy for its affordability and versatile 3-in-1 design.

2. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier

With each purchase of this baby carrier by BABYJORN, you get a well-made dark-themed accessory made of high quality cotton. It is secure, fits perfectly on the back, and has an ergonomic and easy to use design that provides closeness and contact to strengthen baby-mother and baby-father ties. Even though designed for securing newborn babies, this carrier adjusts to fit growing babies. It is cheap and offers superior neck, back, and spine support.

1. Infantino Flip Front 2 Back Carrier

Crafted for moms and dads, Infantino Flip is a novel front-to-back carrier that has a versatile and multi-functional three-position design. It is washable, made of a comfortable and breathable mesh fabric, and has a padded design that relieves shoulder pressure, offers adjustable lumbar support, and offers all-day comfort. It is affordable, durable, and an ideal everyday accessory.