Best Amazon Prime Member Benefits 2016

Unknown and Best Amazon Prime Member Benefits

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Amazon Prime membership mean so much more than faster shipping! There are well-known benefits such as 2-day shipping for free, but also super cool benefits like Amazon Mom, a Baby Registry discount, and unlimited Photo Storage, even borrowing of books forever!

Video Games Discount

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One of the sweetest benefits, probably the Best Amazon Prime Member Benefit — all Amazon Prime members receive the benefit of 20% discount on boxed video games that are either pre-order or have been released within the last two weeks. Buy enough and this will probably pay for the $99 a year Amazon Prime Membership Fee! If a new release title is about $70, that means you save $14 or so. After 7 months of pre-ordering once per month, you will be able to pay for the Amazon Prime membership with the savings.

Amazon Prime Music 

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.58.09 PMPrime Membership perks include a music subscription service similar to Spotify, Google Play Music, or Apple Music. Since you already pay for Amazon Prime, you don’t have to worry about paying extra to turn off ads. Amazon Prime Music has no ads. Amazon Prime has unlimited skips, unlike Google Play Music, Pandora or the others. Amazon Prime Music is free with your Prime Membership.

Amazon Kindle Lending Library

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All Amazon Prime Members benefit from the lending library. You receive 1 free book to ‘borrow’ per month. I say ‘borrow’ because there is no return-date on books borrowed.

Unlimited Photo Storage

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Prime Members benefit from unlimited photo storage and also receive 5 GB for general storage of other files. Upload from Desktop or Mobile is available. You have to be the main Prime account holder, however. Also, no commercial use. Personal use only. Still, it’s a stupendous deal considering that the likes of Google wants to charge you after you meet your quota.

Amazon Mom 

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Amazon Prime Members are the lucky recipients of a 20% discount on diapers subscriptions. You also get access to a Baby Registry ( That benefits includes a 15% discount on items listed, again only available to Amazon Prime Members. The discount for Amazon Baby Registry is with a discount coupon you have to enter. There used to be a discount on wipes but that’s no longer done. However, if you use the Registry, you can still get a stiff discount. You’re going to be using a lot of those, so every little bit helps.

Amazon Elements 

Bummed about not getting the discount on wipes? Amazon Elements offers wipes almost exclusively through their Amazon Elements program.

Amazon Prime Video 

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Amazon Prime Membership includes a lot of original programming. Television is over, video streaming is here.

Amazon Credit Card

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As a final cool benefit, you can get an Amazon Credit Card Benefits with a 5% cash back per day! Sign up for this card and an Amazon Prime Account to get this benefit. You also get instant savings if you use this card on, a 3% cash back reward, 2% for gas station, restaurants, and drug stores. 1% on all other purchases.

Getting a 5% cash back at a store as varied as Amazon is more than just cool, it’s an insane benefit! Be sure to pay the full balance, however, as the APR is kind of high at over 20%.