Top 20 Best Digital Cameras Under 300 Dollars 2016 Reviews

Contrary to what many people think, many cheap cameras are as productive as their over-the-top counterparts are. In this review, we highlight some of the best digital cameras under 300 dollars.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70 16.1 MP Digital Camera with 60x Optical Image

Donald Gennaro: [Tim pops up wearing a pair of night vision goggles] Hey, where’d you find that?
Tim: In a box under my seat.
Donald Gennaro: Are they heavy?
Tim: Yeah.
Donald Gennaro: Then they’re expensive, put ’em back.

Jurassic Park (1993)

Look at this beast. It’s heavy. It’s big. It fills your hands with power. And that power belongs to a person with some coin. Everything about this camera is pretty standard other than the absurd 60x optical zoom. Do you really need that kind of zoom? Are you going to spy on people? Are you secret agent man? Get out of here, NSA/CIA! I can imagine that some product manager at Panasonic was looking for some easy feature that would sell the hell out of these cameras. This is the photographic equivalent of carbon fiber door knobs on a car. Are you ever going to the track? Are you ever going to win The Pulitzer for photography? No. Will you still buy this? Sure! 😀

20. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

For those shopping for 300-dollar digital cameras and want value for their money, Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70 is our pick of the best in this niche. It is durable, feature-rich, and has an easy-to-use point-and-shoot design that benefits both novices and professionals. This digital camera is image stabilized, offers an impressive 60X optical zoom lens, and a large 3-inch LCD screen that eases its use further.

19. Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

Best-liked for the technologically advanced products in its arsenal, Samsung is home to functional digital cameras with Galaxy Camera 2 ranking among the bestselling under 300 dollars. It has a 21X optical zoom lens that guarantees quality in both high and low light environments. It also has a well-designed16.3 MP CMOS sensor that boosts performance further, built in Wi-Fi and NFC adapters for sharing photos, and a large 4.8-inch rear touchscreen LCD screen.

18. Nikon D3200

Certified refurbished, Nikon D3200 is a top-rated product with an advanced EXPEED III Image Processing system. It has a powerful 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX NIKKOR Zoom Lens, a 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR sensor, and a 3-inch rear-facing LCD screen that eases focusing and review of photos. It also has a wide ISO sensitivity range, a dedicated 1080p movie button, and a 90-day warranty.

17. Sony WX350

By choosing Sony WX350, you get a professional-grade 20 MP digital camera with a striking black theme. It is image stabilized, has a 40X clear image and 20X optical zoom glass lens, and an innovative lock on Auto Focus technology that keeps subjects in focus once marked. This comes in handy whilst tracking game or covering fast-action events such as sports. It also has a sweep panorama mode, built in Wi-Fi and NFC3 adapters for sharing photos and videos instantly, and a sturdy and ergonomic casing that resists shock.

16. Canon PowerShot D30

Canon PowerShot D30 is a blue-themed waterproof digital camera that is also temperature resistant from 14? to 104?F. It is durable, has a light and portable body that fits comfortably in the hands, and a plethora of innovative features that boost performance. By purchasing an original, for instance, you get a 12MP BSI-CMOS sensor and an image stabilized 28-140mm F3.9-4.8 equivalent lens that improves picture quality significantly. You also get a large (3-inch) fixed LCD screen, a dedicated 1080/24p HD video recording button, and a built in GPS adapter that connects reliably to satellites.

15. Olympus TG-860

Olympus TG-860 is a rugged and waterproof digital camera with an ultra-wide 21mm lens with 5X optical zoom. It is durable, easy to use, and has an advanced SportCam mode for shooting high quality time lapse, high speed, and 60p movies to name a few. You also get a large 3-inch LCD screen for easier setup and reviewing of photos and videos; in-camera art filters with sweep panorama capabilities; and built in GPS and Wi-Fi adapters for mapping and sharing photos.

14. Nikon COOLPIX AW130

Do you go on frequent safaris and or shoot photo and video journals often? Are you looking for an affordable digital camera that works as well as most expensive high-end models? Nikon COOLPIX AW130 is a Wi-Fi-enabled freeze (up to 14oF) and shock (up to 7-feet) resistant digital camera with an ergonomic and waterproof casing. It is durable, has a wide-angled glass NIKKOR ED lens with 5X optical zoom, and a fast shutter that shoots up to five pictures per second in burst mode. You also get a built in GPS adapter and a compass.

13. Nikon COOLPIX P530

As the Nikon COOLPIX S9900 reviewed here in, Nikon COOLPIX P530 is a powerful digital camera with an array of innovative features that benefit both novice and professional photographers. Its 16.1MP CMOS sensor, for instance, is durable and works in synergy with its 42X zoom NIKKOR lens to improve photo quality. It also supports 1080p HD video recording, supports instant photo and video sharing via a WU-1a mobile wireless adapter, and has intelligent auto focus feature that not only eases target finding, but also boosts accuracy.

12. Nikon COOLPIX S9900

Considered among the most valuable digital cameras retailing for less than 300 dollars, Nikon COOLPIX S9900 is an easy to use point and shoot digital camera with a powerful 30X optical zoom lens. It has a built in Wi-Fi adapter for sharing photo and video creations instantaneously, and an ergonomic base that fits comfortably in the hands. With the 60X dynamic fine zoom on offer, you will be able to take close up shots of far objects without compromising clarity and or quality. As most high-end digital cameras, Nikon COOLPIX S9900 has a vari-angle swivel 3-inch LCD screen that eases setup and usage and a built in GPS and compass for mapping points of interest.

11. Olympus PEN E-PL6

Fitted with a powerful 14-42mm II lens and a 16-mega pixel (MP) live MOS sensor, Olympus PEN E-PL6 is a high-performance budget digital camera made of high-grade plastic. It has a stylish black theme, an ergonomically designed body that boosts user comfort, and an advanced three-axis in-body image stabilization feature that helps novice photographers to shoot photos and videos like pros. It, for instance, eliminates blur. It also eliminates shakes and a plethora of other flaws that often lower picture and video quality. Olympus PEN E-PL6 has a 100-25,600 ISO range and a simple and easy to use build.

10. Canon PowerShot S110 Digital Camera

A favorite among tourists, novice, and professional photographers, this camera is one of the cheapest and feature packed design that you will ever find in the market. Technology wise, the Power Shot S1 10 by Canon has a powerful 24mm wide-Angle lens with 5X optical zoom. If used well, this lens and the sensitive CMOS sensor mounted at the back of this camera will help you treasure good moments in terms of photographs and full high definition 1080p videos. Courtesy of its powerful processor Canon PowerShot S110 is fast. It turns on in a few seconds and captures up to 10 frames per second. The Camera also comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery and built-in Wi-Fi support.

9. Sony DSC-HX50V/B Digital Camera

Sony DSC-HX50V/B Digital Camera has added into our review for the following reasons: 1) Point and Shoot interface: With this digital camera, you no longer have to tinker with many settings to shoot stunning images. Its point and shoot design takes care of the donkey work for you. Advanced spec: For its price, the Sony DSC-HX50V/B has an array of interesting features that rival many over-the-top brands. Its lens, for instance, is nothing short of impressive. It is a 3-way active design with 60X Clear Image Digital Zoom and 30X Optical zoom. Its CMOS sensor on the other hand is a 20.4MP high-speed design that works well in low-light environments. Finally, the camera has a dual record button for shooting stills and full HD 1080/60p videos and a large 3-inch screen for previewing created works.

8. Pentax Optio WG-3 GPS Digital Camera

The Optio WG-3 GPS by Pentax is a hardy and feature-packed digital camera with an artistic twist. The camera is light and compact and therefore, suitable for individuals who travel a lot or those who do not like carrying bulky luggage when on safari. Simple as it looks, this camera packs a punch. Its powerful wide-angle lens for example has an integrated triple shake technology that enhances video and photo quality. This interesting digital camera is also dust and shock proof. If you drop it accidentally from 6.5 feet, the risk of damaging its body and or delicate part is low. It is also cold resistant (up to 14 degrees) and water resistant; has a built-in compass, geo tracking, GPS, and wireless recharging capabilities.

7. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70 Digital Camera

Key features that have earned the Lumix DMC-FZ70 Panasonic digital camera the number five spot on our list include: 1) Wide angle image stabilized lens with 60X optical zoom. You will never miss a memorable moment no matter how far the event is. 2) High definition 1080/60i full video recording with sound and auto focus. 3) 16MP high-speed MOS sensor for low-light shooting. Other features that make it the best in the niche is its blazing speed (five frames per second), continuous AF tracking ability, and Intelligent Auto (iA) features for shooting impressive pictures easily.

6. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7K Digital Camera

Key pointers that have earned the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7K digital camera the number two spot on our review are its price, large LCD display, 24mm wide-angle Leica DC vario SUMMILUX lens, and its ability to shoot continuously at high speed. If you like shooting up close pictures or videos and money is a concern, this is the camera for you.

5. Nikon COOLPIX P330

Are you tired of the slow poorly designed digital camera you have used over the years? To cover birthday and wedding parties and shoot high-resolution photos of wildlife or popular monuments during your outdoor trips, Nikon COOLPIX P330 is a valuable digital camera that retails for less than 300 dollars. Its 12.2mp system is powerful and designed to capture clear photographs with or without flash. Its body has ergonomic buttons that improve reaction time, while its 5X zoom F/1.8 lens and high performance 1/1.7 image sensor improve photo quality further in both high and low light areas. This digital cameras has RAW (NRW) capability, has a dedicated 1080p HD video recording button, and record clear videos with HD sound. You also get a wireless WU-1a mobile adapter for sharing photos on the cloud

4. Canon PowerShot ELPH 530

Featuring a powerful 10.1 Image Stabilized system and a low profile and travel worthy design that will never weigh you down in transit, the PowerShot ELPH 530 by Cannon is an affordable digital camera with a large 3.2-inch LCD touch panel that you can use to review the photos you have captured before sharing. The wide-angle 28mm lens that buyers get capture stunning images over a wide panoramic range. Its stability and easy to use point and click design works well for beginners and professionals, while its ability to record 1080p full HD videos with the touch of a button is impressive. It also has a novel DIGIC 5 processor and CMOS sensor that improve performance, an improved smart auto feature including 58 shooting situations, and a built-in Wi-Fi for sharing media through canons image gateway.

3. Nikon COOLPIX AW130

Perfect for individuals that travel occasionally and looking for new waterproof digital cameras with convenient point-and-shoot designs, COOLPIX AW130 by Nikon is a valuable model with a striking yellow finish that does not fade or scratch over time. It is light, specially designed to work to water depths up to 100 feet, and has a freeze (14 degrees) and shockproof (seven feet) base that lasts long. With a high-speed design that shoots up to five shots per seconds, this camera is perfect for covering fast action events such as sports. Its wide angles 5X optical zoom lens shoot panoramic photographs, while its built in GPS and Wi-Fi adapters ease tagging and sharing photos.

2. Nikon COOLPIX L820

To get the best out of your 300 dollars, Nikon COOLPIX L820 ranks among the best budget digital cameras in 2016 for many reasons. Its stable, ergonomic, and well-oriented design, for instance is durable, comfortable to use, and is ideal for travel. The photographs that it shoots are professional-grade courtesy of its advanced 30X zoom lens and CMOS (16MP) sensor, while its convenient video button allows you to shoot up to 1080p HD videos in indoors and outdoors with high quality stereo sound.

1. Olympus TG-870

If you engage in photography for fun or as a profession, and want a tough budget digital camera that you can use to capture HD quality underwater photographs on demand, Olympus TG-870 is a worthy green-themed digital model with a durable and water-resistant case (up to 50 feet). Its crush (220 pounds) and shock proof (2.1 meters) base is professional-grade. The ultra-wide 21mm lens it comes with supports 5X optical zoom, while the 13 art filters offered allow you to explore your creative side. Olympus TG-870 also has a Super Macro mode, built in GPS and a Wi-Fi adapter for sharing photographs.